Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Family Trip

So i was in bkk with my family.

i cant rem how many times i've visited the land of smiles but i honestly do love bkk cept i wish i could bring someone along this time.
if the skies may hope to catch larks
moi doing a mickey.
the things that companied my boring journey..along with a heart that really just wants to be with someone in sg.
here's mummy dearest ...

and my lil baby sister.

ok not that baby anymore,but will always be a baby in my eyes.
whats bangkok without feasting on e amazing food.
one of my fav chinese restaurant which i go back to every bkk trip.

i discovered it with daryl some time ago and love it since then.

they even had pics of us,coolness.

so i also saw a natalie portman lookalike in e plane.

i think she's totally the kinda gal i think is hotness.
it was a gd short getaway..

i love such family trips..lotsa bonding going on.

for now its back to the comfort of my bed in sg.

gdnight folks.


iruffcookiedough said...

nice-ness, except that the number of photos. why so few?? you could have done with lots more. more more more, ben. ^^

jeremy said...

wow..i want to go to bangkok on a short trip too but no money, perhaps that's a of the drawbacks of being a jobless civillian..any jobs available?LOL

fufu said...

bangkok... a place i will definitely go back again after my study here in frankfurt :)

russ said...

cookiedough>yeah pretty lil pics eh,not very active with e camera of late.maybe i'm gettin old.ha

jeremy>how old are u now?

fufu>yeah its pretty nice for a short getaway in bkk...but i would love to be doin what u're doing-studying in frankfurt!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your mum looks young though! I would love a short getaway too~ Studying is so stress :(
An avid reader of your blog ;)

Darry said...

Ahhhhh!!! BlackBerry!!! Ha haz...

Awww... A short get-away is what I need now... *Envious of you...*

Betcha u bought and came home with LOADS of stuffs YEAH!!! :)

tokyo_jem said...

Thanks for writing about the trip and sharing the pics. Your mum looks even prettier and younger than before. But you saved the best shot for last. The more I look at it . . . I better stop right there before I write something embarrassing!

Stay well!!

Anonymous said...

u look awesomely cute in the last pic my dear fren !! =)

Anonymous said...

:) And remember who u went BKK with years back w/o ur family? :p I still have the pix of u doing ur hair in the salon! hehehe

- Mr RooT

Han said...

hi hi ben
happy new year 2010....wish you a heng heng huat huat healthy year ahead.
wow, family holiday to bkk!! much does it cost for a short (3 days?) to bkk? i will want to go too if i get a chance to take some break from work.
if that day comes, i will sure ask you for more info like where's the best hotel to stay, where's the chinese restaurant to eat, etc...
agree with anonymous ...your last pic before you go to bed is cuddly cosy?!
you miss your g/f in singapore is it? hehe

russ said...

anonymous>a huge thanks..its always heart warming to see avid readers droppin by:) and yes mom looks young,she will honestly be very happy to see this.ha

darry>yes food and shopping is crazy.aww i'm sure u are heading for ur short getaway in no time:)

jem>mummy is gonna smile alot seein all these comments.u really like e last pic was a really random bed pic,but i'm glad ppl like it.

anonymous>thanks :) it was one of the lazing on e bed pics...when i refuse to get outta bed.

mr root>of cus i do!! it was fun and enjoyable though i havent been to most places...haha.thanks for taking gd care of me:)

han>hey i'm sorry i dunno the flight details cus my mum book and paid for everything.but base on my own past should be 400ish to 500 ish.

and yes u are right abt e last part..haha..i do miss her.

Han said...

wonder who your g/f is? probably one of the fine ladies in one of the many pics you post? haha
next time, introduce lah...hehe

russ said...

han>ha yeah in one of those entry post if u look close enuff:)

jeremy said... this year 21?but still birthday is still a long way to go

Popthemusicdrug said...

u have been missed!! speaking of which , we need to go BKK together. we have NOT. it will be fun!! :)

russ said...

jeremy>when's ur bday?i'm actually requiting ppl,but min age 21.

ptmd>yes i can so imagine the fun if we do head bkk down tog!

Anonymous said...

*raise hand*
i know who i know who!!
i'm observant but i dont tell han because he is a busybody!

-give the smirk face & send virtual slaps to han-

russ said...

anonymous?ha u are a frd of han?

Han said...

so sad...somebody slapping me.
looks like i am not welcomed here.

russ said...

han>ha least u are recognise here already!i tot that anonymous was ur frd.

Anonymous said...

c'mon it's just a virtual slap. so basically it wouldn hurt, my dear. i'm not a friend of han. and i'm not the author of this blog so my comments are the least of you worry. :D cheers. bye!

russ said...

anonymous>cool bananas:)

Anonymous said...

oh, your latest video is then cool banannas. hah.

russ said...

anonymous>thanks dear whoever u are :)