Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a 10 year old man?

I m not in a mood to chunk out stuff so i will just post e pictures for e least i m updating this blog.

here are e pics from men's folio 10th anniversary!

photos courtesy of auston

the runway where e models strut their stuff.

my date for e night-junie!

aus- e guy behind e show

elaine-my dear pal

this is a very deceiving pic by capturing e more beautiful ppl in e event-the caucasians models

the short fat ugly others are at e other side of e room. i didnt say that.

check out the goody bag

not too bad,pretty good stuff....cept e mac lip gloss.which man uses it?eew.unless u are mr mikey jackson.its hot pink by e way.

there's this mac white bottle spray thingy which i still havent figured out what is it.BUT i 'm currently using it as a cleaning wipe for my computer & hp pretty well and smell alright.

ok my only complain that night is e that e air con aint working!

i was sweating like a pig.

no we didnt danced at all,we aint idiots.nobody dance at such events,but check out all e perspiration on our face.that place is freakin warm.

a gd excuse for ppl to strip?maybe.

overall,it was a blast.auston,i m proud of u man.though i was a lil late for e show,i heard its good:)

i'm not sure if this entry is too short but there are quite a bit of pictures no?more updates sooon.



mensfolio said...

eh? Is that the latest issue? And how come from last issue the price became $6.50? 30% gst increase ar?

duncan said...
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duncan said...

im looking all over for the new issue ! haha but cant find ... anyway ... so cool lo .. u always get to go all this nice events and dress up so nicely so cool man .. envy envy ! well u jus look so good as well as junie & auston !! =)

russ said...

mensfolio>i guess thats e lastest issue,its in e goody bag.i have no idea abt e price increase.i am a wrong person to ask.

duncan>i'll pass it to u.i asked u to come but u didnt want to!anti-scoial.haha.

Mooks said...

where was the event held?

the pplace looks pretty big.

! and yes it looks hot somehow..

maybe after u mentioned it in the blog.

did u do the run way , u shld!

Rex said...

o...nice party man..your tooth so white!? i like it~ haha~ =)
especially when your skin so "dark"... =p

distantpromise said...

u did the show?u look very good le.

summerguyz said...

another gorgeous guy!

ah gong said...

wow... look thru some of ur post.. u always wear so fashion sia... me always have a bad fashion sense de lor...

oh anyway, should I mention here or not... have u heard Brit other songs like What You Sippin' On and Everybody? nice tracks too but go gotta find it yourself...

russ said...

mooks>its near gallery hotel and book cafe.and no way,i cant do e runway.i look bad beside the models can.

rex>well brush ur teeth daily is e way to go.haha.and dont smoke.i m tan cus i m at e pool alot.

distantpromise>i didnt do e show.too ugly to do it.

summerguyz>erm,its a compliment right.thanks.

ah gong>so late heh.anw i havent got that two songs u mentioned.but i've got baby boy & it feels nice though.

Rex said...

i brush always but doesnt seem better sia~ i brush almost 18 years already =_=" lol~
swimming pool~!? california don't hav pool..sad...

yang said...

where do u usually shop and get your outfits from?

h-ling said...

thanks for your advise ben.i have been studying really hard lately and i just wanna tell u that i think u are a really cute and nice guy!this is the best blog ever!

ah gong said...

yeah... but tt is only a demo i guess. Hope the album version sounds more... try youtube if u wan...

TRISHAAA said...

hoho! hoooooooooott models on the runwayyyyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

hi,saw u last night.Not sure if u know it but you possess an attractive aura.cute.

russ said...

rex>change gym then!

yang>erm anywhere shops in particular.

h-ling>no worries.anw gd to know u've been studying hard.thanks anw!

ah gong>i m anticipating e album man!

trishaaa>haha models!