Monday, September 17, 2007


Hi blog..i 'm sorry i 've neglected u big time......

but i seems to be fighting against time of late.

busy busy busy

yes i said that 3 times.e word busy is prob like e most overused word here in this blog e last couple of weeks.

'busy' its e best excuse to give when u're lazy to update.

ok here's a quick entry.

its pretty obvious the camera is not on.....YET.

i'm just fooling around with e cam during shoots..

anw talkin abt cam,check this cool shit out.

it looks like any other normal camera..

...BUT it changes to this!!

transformers have e coolest toys heh.

this key chain caught my eye too.

this is how it looks like when its opened up.

check e rest out!

but what a letdown---my fav bumblebee is out of stock.(lili has one though)

i expect most ppl to like bumble bee anyway,that explains why its sold out.

its kinda sucky to know u got e same taste as everyone else right?

damn...i m so not unique.tsk!

Anw.....with regards to e previous entry abt my hp.the verdict is out.

this lil nokia boy has companied me thru all e rough patches,especially since i m someone who drops e phone all e time.

i m glad it survived nevertheless.

however,say good bye to this ugly looking thing.

say hello to this new toy!

its my iphone wannabe phone-the lg prada!

well it cant transform to a robot but i love it still.

looking forward to iphone coming singapore.

i cant sms that fast now since this phone is touch screen,but i m sure i will get used to it real soon.

I've got heaps of photos in my camera now,but i will prob update tmr or e next couple of days.

i need a real good rest for now.till then



jeremy said...


MOOKS said...

so nice la the prada LG! and the new bottega!! can u buy me my dopod please hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey there (:
May i know where to get the transformer toys? how much is it uh? my god i want the bumblebee too ):

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Busy Busy Busy ah?!

Haha... The theme for my camp this time was also transformers... Mainly Blackout, Startscream, Ironhide, WitWicky and Bumblebee... I was in the group Bumblebee! I'm still a good person in the end... Haha... Anyway, I enjoyed my camp!!! LOL...

Btw, nice phone ya!

Got my exam results results already... Woot...

Rex said...

o... nokia out of choice le...

Anonymous said...

hey dun neglect ur special one okay...

TRISHAAA said...

ARHHH! LG Prada, my love! :D

Anonymous said...

i m still using nokia 8800 lor!

russ said...

jeremy> yeah i did.anw i m gettin a lil more used to e touch screen now alr.had so much difficulty at first can.ur test damn difficult la.i barely know e answers for any!

mooks>haha.right.will buy u e dopod!:P

annoymous>get it at all major toyshop.all e toys are of diff prices.go chekc out toys'r'us and carrefour.but i think not much stock left.

serena>woohoo,yeah..u give me the bumblebee vibes anw.haha.great to know u enjoyed ur camp.i miss campng too!!!!so hows ur results??

russ said...

rex>yeah.cus duncan getting nokia,so i thought i will get a diff it looks a lil more like iphone.

annoymous>sure.i wont neglect my special em more!ha.

trishaaa>yeah..we got e same taste rem?

annoymous>yeah 8800 its a pretty gd phone actually.

distantpromise said...

u sm 2 like transformers i know wat to buy for your birthday liao.wahaha.

+*+Serena+*+ said...

My results?! Not really that impressive... But at least I tried my best and I passed all... =)

Oh ya... I might be going back to HK soon... Although not confirm but I think high possibilities... Yup yup... So you might not catch me often in MSN...

ethel said...

heyhey. i got my prelims result. only some. not so satisfied though. zZz. d rest of the results gonna be worst i suppose. zZz. anw, gotta work hard for Os liao. HAIS!

Terence said...

wow, i plan to get the LG Prada too !!! but b4 that, any comment / complaint about this phone?

russ said...

distantpromise>eh.i dun want that for pressies can...

serena>that's good!so long as u tried ur best,thats gd u passed all!think u deserve a gd break,hk trip would be excellent.its fun!gonna miss ya man.

ethel>cheer up,i m sure u did ur best.u wil do very well for ur Os!believe in urself !work hard yea.

terence>well,u must be prepared that u are gonna sms much slower than b4.cus its touch screen and there's no way u can sms that fast or sms without lookin.but if u are ok with that,everything else is alright.ringing tone is a lil soft.i didnt like it e first two days i had it.but now i love it:)

lol said...

u using the same hp as me!!