Wednesday, October 10, 2007

duncan cupcakes

just a quick update to show that this blog is very much alive.

i thought i should give duncan some credit for his yummylicious cupcakes.

duncan aka the cutest chef.ha...he is e man beind those mouth-watering goodies

i dont have pics of his chicken pies.but u can always check out his blog in my link.

sherlyn and myself were full of smiles after eating our fill.

meeting up with my homies is always fun-i can never never get bored of em.

jeremy is e champion ( camwhore )for that day's session.not a single ugly shot and always ready for e camera.tsk

oh and i just wanan say a big thank you to all those that have been dropping comments either in my blog,sms,or friendster asking me how i am feeling.

i m touch by all e concern.

thanks for all e love!

for those interested in my latest updates,grab a copy of u weekly mag this week. there's a article on the movie i did.


jess said...

finally u are smiling boy!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you updating.The cupcakes look delicious,but not for sale right?

Knonymous said...

cant think of a song with cupcakes but glad to see you perking up!!

p/s the happy birthday song is meant to be funny!! heh heh c",)

Mooks said...

u noe we love u !

russ said...


annoymous>that u have to ask

knonymous>it will be damn cool if u can think of a cupcake songs too:P anw...thanks for ur comments and bday song though i didnt get the joke at first.ha.

mooks>yes love!

distantpromise said...

big big smile kk?i felt sad when u wrote those emo entries too.nice to see fun and cheery pictures again!

~~pris~~ said...

i heart cupcakes too :>

ah gong said...

good to see u bright up again.. dat is a magic cupcakes, isn't it?

anyway, congrat on ur new movie. when will it be showing?

anyway if u dun finds me disturbing, here is some updates of brit in case u are interested.

1. Gimme more video is out in youtube, both cencored and non cencored (she have a nice b**bs and a*s though.. haha. ahem, im nt a pervert)

2. More new song is leaked. My recommend is States of Grace, Filling Me Up, Sugerfall, Let Go, Heaven On Earth and erm... actually every single song is nice

3. New titled album "BLACKOUT" is pushed up from 13Nov to 30Oct.

4. Don't think it means much to you but anyway, saw her vingl of Gimme More out in HMV.


Thats all for now, thx for reading.

~_^^SaDgaL_^^~ said...

hey, so glad to hear you have new productions...just cant wait to see your role in that show. Meanwhile do take care and all the best. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

been a follower of this space and just wana say that i m happy to see u smiling makes my day when i read your blog and see so many happy photos.


Knonymous said...

Welcome kids to Éclair Island

In the midst of the Milkshake Sea

All who step ashore start smiling

Quicker than one can count to three

You'll find life here quite amazing

It's unlike any place you've been

All sweet treats are free for tasting

Compliments of The Cupcake King

The Cupcake King ... The Cupcake King

Bakes treats for you and me

The Cupcake King... The Cupcake King

Makes yummy stuff for free!

Rex said...

yo man~ i saw this post in duncan blog also. haha~ i think this is quite a long time ago already...? =p

russ said...

distantpromise>yeah havent been hearing from u.


ahgong>e movie will be up next yr.oh ya,thanks for all e brit info!i m quite disappointed with e video actually,she could do better.i hope she will re do it actually.kinda excited abt her new olbum,great to know it will be out in oct!

sadgal>ok i m actually talking to u in msn now.

yan>wow..its encouraging whenever i see such to know theer are readers out there who likes my blog.ha.

Knonymous>thats awesome.u actually got a cupcakes song!uber cool!u deserve more cupcakes!

rex>yeah.but i havent got e time to upload it

~_^^SaDgaL_^^~ said...

Hey friend, thanks just now for the compliments and the short was so nice talking to take care n all the best to your future will be a friend i treasure, sincerely n truly...cYa


duncan said...

hey ! glad that u r feelin better and i hope my cupcakes do cheer u up ! but plz ! how can i be cute beside u !!!! u should remove " the cutest chef " there !!!!! dun make everyone vomit here ! haha

ah gong said...

hi Mr Asia Harry Porter, will definitely watch it when its showing. The story sound interesting sia... filming must be having a lot of fun since its all young actor and actress.

Huang Ding Rong + Lin Hui Hui, hui bu hui cheng wei xin yi dai de ying mu qing lu?!
>> haha, sound interesting too, dun u think so? lol

hmm, is the roasted pig nice? haha

ah gong said...

oops... sory, wrong spelling for Mr Asia Harry Potter.. lol

sheda said...

CUTE la pls dont pull a long face,everyone lurve your smile!

Mooks said...

everyone loves the smiling russ.

buy me the u weekly! so i can check out ur pics inside mr movie star :P

russ said...

sadgal>sweets.u'll be a frd i treasure too!

duncan>u are cute wat.

ahgong>yeah e roast pig is pretty nice,crispy.anw yeah filming was tough but catch it when its up:)

sheda>i'm not pulling long face alr la.

mooks>thanks mookies for being there when i so need u!

ah gong said...

definitely. I remember they mention there will be emglish song for the movie, any idea what is it?

Britney Updates 1.2

1. Album [BLACKOUT] cover is the same as single [Gimme More), with a different background.

2. Britney was unhappy with the new album cover. [rumors]

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