Monday, October 15, 2007


venue- house camp barracks


since its a mulberry event..check me the bags out!

its e attack of sloth

these photos are like amonth old.i reckon if i'm still not gonna post em....i prob wont anymore.

so...enough of procrastinating.

here are e pictures of that night.

what can i say.fiona lookin extremely hot as usual.

i look shitfaced.

e party was mind-blowing.wats new.

i think i need to get wasted.soon.


Rex said...

yoyo man~ fiona xie is hot ya~
and the guy dont know what name sia look cool... haha... my idol =)

+*+Serena+*+ said...

I got my attachment results! I'm attached into a primary school for my attachment!!! Small little girls and boys! Haha... Tell you more when you're online!

rex: Do you mean Julian Hee?

distantpromie said...

wah benji boy so handsome <:

russ said...

rex>your idol and u dunno the name.ha.what kinda idol is that:P

serena>yes i think mr rex was talking abt julian.teachin in pri sch sounds fun!can play with all e lil kids.

distantpromise>no no.not handsome at all.

Knonymous said...

Fiona and her sultry lips...smokin..

we both from st hilda's!! =)

ah gong said...

fiona fiona fiona... she is freakin' cute and hot... i dun really care abt her when she first started out but its really cool to see that she worked hard to get to the position she is in now.

eh... are u still under any artiste management company?

russ said...

Knonymous>sexy heh.anw i was from st hilda's too!but primary.

ah gong>my situation is pretty complicated now,but i m still managed by a manager,but havent officially sign e contract with artiste management companies.will keep u updated.meanwhile..thanks for ur brit info:)

Anonymous said...



duncan said...

dammmm .... u looking good as usual ... =p fiona look dammmm fabulous ! she's gorgeous never fail to take nice pictures !

Knonymous said...

no way!! i'm from st hilda's primary too... always thought the polka dot collar look stupid...

okie i dun really know how old you are but i "graduated" in 1995.. how about you?

Knonymous said...

Go forward together one and all
Forward, onward, whatever may befall,
Let's raise our heads high and lift our voice
Service to others is the Christian's choice!

Go forward, onward, over to the right
In service and brotherhood and love
Forward and upward, ever to the light
Go forward and serve our Lord above!

St. Hilda's our Alma Mater dear
Go forward in her and have no fear
She is our teacher, parent and friend
Whate'er our path, wherever we wend!

nic said...

FIONA looks hot..BUT u look hotter :D

jessicahong said...

Ha. hope you're better now.:)
tag me back:D

Mooks said...

everyone is jus going fiona fiona fiona! hehe

ok i shall be different.

XiE wan yu so hot!!!!!!!!

ah gong said...

haha.. ur welcome. Just hope u dun think it is disturbing coz i suppose u dun really have the time to surf the net for her information...

Was quite shock to know there are still big fans of britney is singapore.. haha... people around me was like 'oh, she is in such a mess now, i think she is over alr. She cant sing or she is overweight and bla bla bla' :(

i read an article about britney recently and there is this para I like a lot ...
"Spears might as well be shouting: I want your love, but will you still love me if I shave my head? If I wear no underpants? If I get sloppy? You loved me when I was cute. You loved me when I was pretty. You loved me when I said I was a virgin.
Love me now?"

Anyway, other than Britney, are u into jpop also?

Rex said...

xu li hua~haha...
i cant remember at that time =)
fiona is really hot!

russ said...

annoymous>i've got friendster.

duncan>she looks hot all e time.

Knonymous>yes dman ugly the polka dots,i hate it.but no choice.sucky heh.all white nicer!

oh ya..i can still rem how to sing it

russ said...

nic>no way man.she looks way hotter.

jessica>hmm...yeah better i guess?hope things are ok with u too.

mooks>tell me abt it.

ahgong>quite true in a way.but she is like my childhood idol and she is like legendary to me.she got this magic somehow.anw,thanks for e info.oh but i am not into jpop though.


ah gong said...

wow... so late still awake ar? haha.. actually how often u up on MSN ar? Or u have ur another msn account for mainly ur friends and family? haha.. i only saw u once on the day you added me in ur list... I have this hot Britney pic on my avatar though.. haha...

Rex said...

yoyo~ man... i don't know you are online yesterday mid-night! haha~ long time never chat in msn sia...

Knonymous said...

spent the whole day looking for ur primary school photo but i dunno which yr you graduated in!!! some help?? =)