Wednesday, February 27, 2008

taiwan part 2

wooooo i am back in singapore!

was looking thru at all e old photos i took in taiwan when i was there e last time

i am in love with taiwan now though.

nice weather....nice ppl....nice food

alright...i'll unpack my luggage and sort out e new photos so i can update real soon.



Dua Tau said...

hihi. Welcome back to Singapore!!!

So envy u la, can go Taiwan lor. You went to taipei or which part?

You gt try the Ru Rou Fa over there @ taipei ximen ding? SUPER NICE LOR... went there to eat almost everyday when i was there. Even bought it to eat on the plane...

So which country u are going conquer next?

duncan said...

lucky dude always travel .. envy envy ! anyway load the pictures fast !!!! everyone looking forward man ! =P

dash said...

are you working or studying? you seem to live a very charmed life.

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Finally you are back! Miss ya like hell!!!

jessicahong said...

Someone promised a real long entry. Haha. :P
Yes, pictures! :)

sandy said...

same here, i'm totally in love with taiwan. been there 3 times in 3 consecutive years. hope to visit it again later this yr. love the food, the buys, the people, the environment.

awaits your post on taiwan. :)

russ said...

duatau>i was in taipei only.hmmm didnt try e ru rou fan,should have told me earlier!ha.

not sure where i'm going next...but this trip was fun though.

how are u doing in sg anw?

duncan>ok i have uploaded.

serena>miss u too la!

jessica>yes yes...a damn long entry.haha.

sandy>thanks for dropping by fellow taiwan lover.i have uploaded e pics of e taiwan trip:)

Dua Tau said...

work study work study lor. Where got like u, so enjoy~ haha but remember la, play hard must work hard also... haha

but there lotsa of nice food over there la, did u try the famous SUper Big CHicken Cutlet @ Shilin Night Market? quite nice also.