Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taiwan part 3- camwhores in action

finally had enough of procrastinating.

here are e photos of e taiwan trip....

yeah there's like a freakin crazy amt of photos.

i miss taiwan and all e lovely peeps there,i wanna go back sooon!
let the cam whoring pictures begins..................

i am missing in this family picture.

alvin-one of e most amazing and talented stylist ard,e man that created all e beautiful faces on tv and also one of my best pal.

oh i visited the hair salon there too.

i like the mini personal tv thats below every mirror,more sg salons should have that too.

(my hair) not alot of diff heh
cus this is only a picture after the hair wash:P

my ravishing granny dearest is all smiles:)

ok i know my pose sucks....

wei will make a great tour guide.

cus he made my taiwan trip a truly enjoyable one.

a true blue camwhore too!

everyone loves a kiss from babe.

my mum has e most number of outfit changes in this entire trip.

trolleys for kids.

farley- who made e taiwan trip extra fun too.

the annnoying thing is....we forgot to take pictures together.tsk!

alvin is e bomb!a 100% fun & lovely bloke.

and mandy- e babe that never fails to provide hilarity

bo-lin in punk rock.

while mandy continues to!

finally e end heh.

actually i do miss my bed and pillows quite abit.

somehow hotels can never beat that.

i think my mandarin has improved tremendously after this trip.

i am so proud of it now.ha.

i think i might even have a taiwanese accent alr.


ok bedtime now.

gdnight everyone:)


i think i am gonna live in taiwan for a bit soon!


Dua Tau said...

Im loving these Taiwan trip picture... lol

u r really photogenic lor, look good in every pic la. *envy*

Maybe next time you should tell us where u going earlier la, if not everytime u only post last min hor, how can we recommend u nice things leh... ok? haha.. next time u should go try the ru rou fa...

anyway, u really have friends all over the world leh. Honestly, do u know Britney Spears in person? haha

duncan said...

wah ... freshly hot photos releazeeesseee!!!! lol ..

look like u had a great time in taiwan !!!!!!!!!!
so envy !!!!!!!!! how i wish i had join you !!!!!!!!!!

u look so great great in the pictures ! my idol lah u ! great taste of dressing and not to mention your great poses in those pics too .. who say your poses suck !!!

anyway farley change alot !! and mandy is sizzling hawt girl !!!! i love here =P so hawt so cool so pretty !!! =P

any more photos to share ??? im sure there is rite ?? lol ..

release! release !!!! wahahah ..

+*+Serena+*+ said...

New photos up! WOO HOO!

I missed Taiwan too... My last trip was 4 years ago... And that was my first trip too! Hope I can go there again soon!

I will be going back to Hong Kong in March... Not sure when I'll be coming back too... =(

I have new photos up in my blog too... Check it out! =)

Anonymous said...

g luck in trying out for the taiwanese ent scene

think they'll like your dimple and kinda look!

must do sg proud there!

russ said...

duatau>gd that u like em:) anw not that photogenic,quite abit of bad pictures.

anw yea will prob say where i am going in advance so i can get recommendations.

i dunno britney in person of cus....i wish i did!ha.

duncan>yes u should have joined!it would have been more fun!i'll bring u ard e nxt time.

farley changed quite abit heh,afterall its been so many yrs.and yes mandy is one hot babe.

serena>wow new photos too heh.oh u going back hk so sooon??why why?how abt all ur frds in sg?

anonymous>hey...thanks for dropping by this blog:)and leaving comments.

but this taiwan trip is purely a holiday.not trying for taiwan showbiz at all..i'll update u if there are gd work opportunities in taiwan though.:)

Dua Tau said...

Well... i dun call them bad la. ha
im looking forward to Taiwan part 4 eh...

jessicahong said...

Woah, feeling super jealous now! Haha. I haven't been to TW before, but I heard it's pretty fun shopping at the streets there where you can shop and eat! Fun fun. Haha. I think the kiddy trolley is super cute! ;)

ced said...

wow! finally u are back! are u like related to kym ng? LOL!

Dua Tau said...

eh... where do u get that pair of shoe from? Look nice.

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... Not to worry... I'll still come back...

And I can't be absent for my Poly graduation in MAY!!! Just that I'm not sure how long will I be staying... But will definitely come back before my graduation ceremony...

I'm sure you will miss me right? LOL!

Pk said...

XXXXcool blogXXXX

I luv ur style!keep the beautiful pictures coming!!!

eff said...

You look nice in the pics! As in, you looked so happy, relaxed and rejuvenated during the trip!

russ said...

duatau>no more prt 4 eh.anw the shoes is from y3.u can get y3 shoes in this shop call blackjack @ forum.

jessica>yes taiwan is fun.i am sure u will love it.the kiddy trolley is cute right.

ced>nope...not related.just friends.

russ said...

serena>of cus will miss u!!

pk>thanks pk:) thats really sweet!

eff>yeah i had fun.havent seen u for ages!

jeremy said... do you make the photos like into polaroid shots collage?i also want to do it..TEACH ME..if got program can send to my email? thanks

rex said...

i'm coming~ =) taiwan taiwan~
i like taiwan also as the culture and the way they treat friends is super nice~ haha~
ni fact, from e photo i really can't found any different of your hair style =p
but anyway~ as long as you look cool cute handsome, even how bad your hair is you are still e best!? =) all e best

Dua Tau said...

thx for the info. Will go check it out soon...

Anonymous said...

I agree with your frends,cant tell u cut your hair at all?!Aiyah,u look good no matter wat!stay handsome and cute k!all the best for taiwan ent scenE!


louis said...

is that 2nd last photo chen bo lin?

russ said...

jeremy>oh use picasa.go dowload it.helps to arrange ur photos too.

rex>oh its e shorter can be seen in some of e pics,cos they are in random order.yes taiwanese are a bunch of nice fellas.u going taiwan too?have fun!

duatau>no worries:)welcome.

cassie>thanks cassie.oh well,u are being sweet.

louis>yup yup

jeremy said...

ok thanks...anyway come online soon leh..haha..never chat with you for quite some time..

ethel said...


haha. im so so so jealous. cos u went to my fav. ctry! i always wanted to go there for hols.

haha. :)

J said...

hello dx welcome backkkkk

havent seen u since u come back man!

like what u wore for this taiwan trip... and i think ur taiwanese accent is gonna sounds cute . u can even speak proper chinese sometimes


i hope u learn more chinese this time to taiwan!

Dua Tau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dua Tau said...

hey, did ur parent went to Suntec just now? I think i saw them... haha... too bad i din see u or r u even there?

russ said...

jeremy>yeah we seems to be online @ diff time.

ethel>haha yeah its fun!

dx>yeah..ur mandarin is not any better~

duatau>omg,u recognise em?yes they were there for church service.i wasnt there though.

Dua Tau said...

yeah.. haahaa... I saw ur mum first den my focus turn to ur dad coz of his height... haha

russ said...

duatau>ya he is very tall!i'm still surprise u recognise em.ha

Dua Tau said...

I wasnt that sure at first also lah. haha. well then, hopefully next time can bump into u.

Anyway, u noe ANTM cycle 10 alr started the 1st epi? The interviewing part quite funny actually. hee
And they have this recap of some great moment in the past 9cycle also.

dingdang said...

your mum looks more like your sister! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
er,may i ask you something? ok i take it as a yes...haha...
er, r u straight? just curious but i mean no harm!! hope you take no offence to that yeah?

anyway, i think your friends and you look alike :)