Wednesday, April 30, 2008

生命NO TAKE 2- part 2

人生际遇无限。但如果青春、爱情、婚姻、事业、理想等仅有一次经历,你能否紧抓把握于瞬间? 离婚率不断攀高,两代关系紧张,压力指数上升,人与人之间缺少关爱… …忙碌的环球都市人每天似乎总要跟解决不完的问题抗争,《生命NO TAKE 2》所反映的社会现实,如何厘清人们对追逐生命本质的误解?

The story revolves ard 6 actors who are involved in e drama performance “Blood Offering”, which tells the story of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

In the midst of preparing for the impactful life-changing drama “Blood Offering”, changes in the actors’ lives are also unfolding....

for those who missed out e musical...

HERE are are some of e Pics!

photo courtesy from Duncan and Justin.

a horrid pic of me trying to act emo and sing.hahaha.
the jerking scene erm tear-jerker scene.

alright....i'll upload the pics i took backstage in part 3.

meanwhile this is gonna be another extremely busy week-lili's wedding & des's bday bash.

nevertheless,i'll try my best to update real soon.



Dua Tau said...

Your that act emo singing pic, the face haha.. so funny. :P

Part 3! Part 3! Part 3!

Dua Tau said...

Nevertheless, u still look good in those photos. :B

rex said...

wah... no chance to watch it live~ haha~ anyway~ you look so weird in singing scene, but others all ok what~ =)

jeremy said...

haha..guess you did finish your show before heading down to town today rite?you looked shocked to see me..HAHA..anyway hoped u have fun acting in it

russ said...

duatau>haha yeah its a reallly weird ugly pic.

rex>yeah u should have come for e musical.

jeremy.pretty surprise to bump to u,didnt recognise u at first.u looked shocked also!

rex said...

btw... who is the Jesus inside? you? happy labour day~

duncan said...

dx miu .. u really look good in the play ! ..

in fact that nite i was completely blew away by your amazing performance ! saw another side of your talent ... hope to see more of your new projects coming along !

J said...

blog more regularly.

such a chocolatepistol drought.


Dua Tau said...

hey I finally saw ur new movie article. The poster look so HKish lor, really cool. U look darn cool and hamsum also! :D

eff said...

You finally updated! Did you like lose weight due to your hectic workload? You look like you did.

Anonymous said...

How come u look so haggard ah? Poor thing... :(


jeremy said...

haha i come cant recognise?anyway im having sum awful blister problems tts giving me trouble with walking..arghx

Euphe. said...

i never knew you were from coos? i used to attend that church till few years back, moved over to some where nearer to my hse, covenant evangelical free church at bt panjang!

im sure you had loads of fun, its always nice to work in the mist of fellow christians. (:

russ said...

rex>nah its another dude playing jesus.but everyone is supposed to play diff characters too.

duncn>thanks bud!nice to see u guys though!and thanks for helping me to take so much pics:)

j>blog more too dx!

duatau>thanks dude.i'll send e clearer posters to u if u are interested:)

russ said...

eff>perhaps i did?is that gd or bad?ha

ginseng>really eh?thats bad.its e hectic schedule:(

jeremy>hows ur blisters?hope u are recovering?

euphe>i uesed to be from coos...but i am currently with new creation.we might have seeen each other b4 in coos!

Dua Tau said...

of course I wan it haha. Or maybe u can post up the rest of the posta when u have time. Till then, enjoy urself! :)