Saturday, May 10, 2008

生命NO TAKE 2-part 3

Here's e pics taken @ backstage....

Thats all folks for 生命NO TAKE 2.

Its been quite a number of days since i last log in.

I've got only ten mins more b4 i neeed to shower and rush off to my dearest cheryl baby's bday party @ her place.

I reckon i will be quite free the next few days to update what happened the past week.

Its sat night!Have a great weekends kiddies!


rex said...

wow... another post for the musical. =)
long time never update your blog sia~

duncan said...

gimme more updates !

Anonymous said...

how are u?


J said...

long time no blog.

eh i m not sure if one posting will be enough to blog what happened the last week :P

lili wedding and allll

jeremy said...

wah.tts gd la..u seem to be pretty free..while i will be pretty busy..yup recovered..just hav to peel off the dead skin now..

Dua Tau said...

hi. brit on HIMYM is funny. Check it out.

Great day always! :)

russ said...

rex>yeah been awhile i did a proper update.ha

duncan>too much photos on des and lili?

jas>i am good.

j>ya man....too much photos on lili's and des!!!

jeremy>nah not that free.i would want mre time on hand.oh well if u dont see me on msn,there's always facebook chat:)

duatau>wow,thats fresh from e oven?i'll check it now.thanks:)

Anonymous said...

hi ben, may i know the brand of the yellow and black checked jacket and where u got it from?