Friday, May 23, 2008

<<靈問>> posters

shoots.its been a friggin long time since i last update.

i was busy with personal stuff,work and totally hook to watching gossip girl.

now i'm just hoping that season 2 will be out asap.

for those who already saw e articles on my upcoming thriller movie<<靈問>> spirit would prob hit e cinemas late july.

meanwhile...there's 4 posters for <<靈問>> me a favour and vote for ur favourite one.

poster 1
poster 2
poster 3

poster 4


Rex said...

hooooi~~ really long time never update. hmm..
the second poster look like "Death Note" sia...But i vote the second one because... don't know. it's nicer =)

Anonymous said...

poster three stands out among the rest.what is this movie about?


J said...

hello movie star. like finally the movie is out.

my fave is the 3rd poster.

when can we go to the premiere? :)


duncan said...

huh dx miu why u always give difficult task one !

i like all posters man ! lol ..
how how ! lol ..
anyway i wanna go premiere too !!!

wah movie movie star !
benjamin rawksss !!!

Dua Tau said...

I really like poster 3. Like the diff color use on each character.

Actually I think that..

Poster 1 - Cover for the DVD

Poster 2 - Promo poster on magazines & cinema site

Poster 3 - Poster to put on cinema now showing/coming soon

Poster 4 - free poster with DVD

jeremy said...

haha..wah finally a wad have u been doing now?busy preparing ur signatures rite?HAHA

MattDior said...

I vote for number4..

Cos Poster 1 look like u are kissing the guy.. and the gal only got half of the face...
she look .......

Poster 2, abit like copy one of the HK series..

Poster 3 is toooooo color full, and u look ugly and dun know why the hand of the guy in red is touching ur hand?

give tooo much comment...

distantpromise said...

i like poster 1 and 4 actually.somehow u look cool and suave in it.poster 3 abit weird.

coffee said...

I vote for poster 4. Poster 3, the other guy look like he is going to 'kiss' you anytime. lol.

woohoo, movie-star-to-be.

Anonymous said...

Aiya i think Poster 1 is the best man !!


russ said...

rex>yeah agree!reminds me a tad of death note now that u say it.ha.

yan>hmmm its a horror movie that talks abt spirits and other chinese customs.will update mre in my blog.

j>yeah J..finally gonna be out eh..see u guys for e premiere.anyway i am no movie star!stop poking fun!tsk...

xoxo j


russ said...

duncan>thanks d.u guys are def coming along with me.but like i movie star here.

duatau>wah not bad...u actually give a purpose for each poster.nice nice.will feedback to e producers.thanks dear!

jeremy>ha.nah my signature is no one wants it:(

mattdior>thanks for ur honest feedbacks:) will let my producers know abt it.keep these comments coming in.cheerio.

russ said...

distantpromise>havent hear from u for awhile eh!

coffee>thanks coffee:) its a pretty small local production only actually.thanks for dropping by and giving comments too.

j.y>so u like poster 1 eh.the producers seems to love poster 1 e most too.

ced said...

1 and 3 like kissing lahs! 2 is the best!

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Yoz yoz... I like poster 2... I think somehow matches the story of the movie... =)

Have not been hearing from you qutie awhile too...

I've officially graduated from my polytechnic.... Check out the photots from my blog ok?

Update me more with the movie... I'll love to watch the movie... If have a chance... I wanna watch the premiere!!! =)

coffee said...

No prob russ =), I have been a quiet reader. Too shy to post comments.
I hope the movie will be a hit in town.

Anonymous said...

Ben ah Ben ... i am j.t not J.Y!!
cos i 一见钟情 so i like lor..muhaha :D

Rex said...

yea~ cool russ =p i wanna watch premier also~ hahaha~ no chance =X so is these poster all designed by yourself and will be use on this movie?

Rex said...

forgot got something to ask...灵问is it something like 通灵问事? like communicate with spirit through someone or something?

KareL said...

hey dude!! how are yaa doing? wah damn busy sia,a star now and haha busy preparing singnatures. no time to gym already i suppose. dunt worry if its ugly, coz ugly is unique. only u have it. haha!!!

VOTE for no. 1.. damn nice. love ur facial 2 yeah jus like previous comment. it looks like death NOTe.. kepooo.

i wanna watch dude!!!!

jeremy said...

haha..oh plz..surely got people wan..nvm..i wan..i support u..HAHA..i dun see u online or on facebook chat..=p

russ said...

ced>yeah,everyone's saying we look as if we are 're u ced?

serena>yeah must go watch e movie or go for e premiere!gd to know sch's finally over.i havent been on man lately though.

coffee>thanks sweets.its nice to receive comments from readers,so dont be shy:)

j.t>opps sorry j.t.thanks for correcting me:)

russ said...

rex>nah i dunno how to design posters as much as i wish i knew how to.its designed by e team by e company managing e movie.and yeah its for e use of e movie.

灵问 is actually about this spiritual magical book called 'ling wen shu' which has e answers to everything.

karel>hey how are u.yeah havent head to gym as much as i want to.prob start hitting e gym...erm soon!u must be wking out often!thanks for dropping by anw.

jeremy>haha do support it.there will be lotsa events for e publicity of e movie.will u be there?

sheena said...

been following your blog for awhile,support u and nat since u guys first appear on tv,glad to know u have a movie coming up.all the best k!

Rex said...

sorry that night was doze off because too tired after preparing my friday exam~! =p
magic book~ use spell to call out the baby in my work place... tskk..

jeremy said...

haha..i will but must jio friends along and hopefully i wont be in camp..but by that time im not even sure if i will be free or busy..

KareL said...

haha yeah im doing great. work out often, okay not that bad coz gym in camp is free!!! haha.. anyway not to worries. u will definitely hit the gym when ur time is tone down.

cool; u betta take care. c yaa around

Euphe. said...

poster 4!
love the colours and composition of it!

russ said...

sheena>thanks sheena:)nice to hear that.

rex>thats quite creepy eh...thats scarier than my movie.ha

jeremy>hows army anw?i 'm sure u getting mre used to it now.hopefully u can make time for e movie.

karel>ya man..i wanna hit e gym so bad!c ya

euphe>u mean poster 4 or 3?cus poster 3 is like e colourful one.anw thanks for ur feedback:)cheers!