Tuesday, September 16, 2008

benji..the couch potato

My place is undergoing a small lil renovation lately,thus explains my lack of updates.

its in a prodigious mess and i'm currently putting up at my buddy's crib.

there's loads of stuff going on..but i'll just do a short entry tonight b4 i tuck myself to bed.

a quick update on whats keeping me busy...

nothing extremely exciting since yours truly have been a very homely boy,a complete couch potato catching up on desperate housewife(season 4),ANTM and gossip girl(season 2)

i dont seems to have a fav gal this cycle of ANTM yet..i've very typical taste when it comes to girls,think blonde and pretty.haha.but i'm hoping there will be one which i fancy after the makeover ep.

but gossip girl has gotta be the best dope.its sex!its my current fav for now & it sucks that i have to have wait a friggin entire week just to catch an hour of it:( darn.

blair waldorf & serena the babes of e show gets hotter in season 2 while chuck continue to have a fun & interesting wardrobe which consist of alot of pink.tsk! which heterosexual can pull that of without lookin like muscular hello kitty.

i'll recommend everyone to catch it.

oh i wanna say a humongous thank you to everyone who got the dvd of 'the spirit compendium'

i'm pretty happy that e sales of e dvds are doing pretty well.a million thanks!loves.

besides havings lotsa my fav ruffles chips,i had lotsa mooncakes this weekends too.

i hope everyone had fun playing with lanterns this mid-autumn....cus i did:)

pictures of it real soon.



felicia said...

hey. can i know where u catch the show gossip girl? cant seem to find the full series. thanks (:

Kenneth said...

First to comment finally.. lol
anyway, waiting for ur next entry with lotsa of fotos.. lol

Hm.. one things, the pics of the gossip girl reminds me of something like this... :O


Rex said...

happy mid-autumn festival~
I am waiting my friends brought me the movie from her house~ XD
she said that it's nice show.

Jaded Roses said...

gossip girl? if it got u addicted, maybe i should try watching them..

dvd...i still havent get my copy!!
and poster?!?

shall wait for the pictures..
happy belated mooncake festival.

Kenneth said...

ok. im nt the first. LOL

serena said...

Haha... I'm back to tag you!

I spent my whole day at the zoo during Mooncake Festival... Check out for the photos taken at my blog... =)

PESH said...


William K said...

well another way to catch the movie/drama without buying the dvd is visit this website and download the pipi software then choose the movie/drama that you want to watch at the website. Then enjoy the movie/drama. But remember connect your computer to the internet connection.


Anonymous said...

YES! GOSSIP GIRLS. it's damn nice!
the version im watching online aint that clear. where did you watch yours?


Kel Kel said...

hey hey hey...
i still cnt find ur DVD...
any idea!!!

Kenneth said...

hey there. Just bought the DVD from TS Video Shop. I think its the only video shop selling coz i went to MJ, HMV, Bluemax & Poh Kim but still cannot find. ONly found it z@ TS. Maybe some of u can trying searching there.

Anonymous said...

keep smiling cutey!!!


Anonymous said...

wanna buy hari raya cookies?? def it would be great for u to taste some. haha


iruffcookiedough said...

hello =]

duncan said...

u look great n nice in the first pic .. =) i had no time to watch gossip girls =(

jessicahong said...

Hey! Gossip girl is nice! Haha.

russ said...

felicia>my frd dl it for me eh,i can help u asked where he dl it from.

kenneth>omg i see a uncany similarity......u are damn sharp man.now we know where 8days got that idea from.haha.

rex>its a tv show..yes do watch it!gonna love it.

jadedroses>yessss...trust me,its gd.the pictures are finally up..i have been so lazy lately to update.my bad.

kenneth>u are e second,thats very fast too!:)

russ said...

serena>u mia from this space for so long!

pesh>hey babe!

william k>hey dude..thanks for being such a sweet soul for those ppl reading this space.

vv>u love it too right?

russ said...

kelkel>hmmm try cathay building b1,there's a bookstore that sells dvd there.or kenneth has given some advise too.hope u managed to get it:)

kenneth>thanks kenneth:)

karel>sweet as usual!

cookiedough>mong an!!miss ya!!

russ said...

duncan>thanks dx miu!!

jessica>yeah..i totally agree!