Tuesday, September 2, 2008

its mother's day!

its our branch retreat day momma's day !

company retreat is when we're miles away from the office, absolved of any work obligations, wearing casuals and engaging in stoopid games.

however,i'm thankful that i am prob in e best team u can find.

peiru aka mamasan momma is def the best manager ard.

we call her momma cus she babysit us so well & we lurvvvve her loads.

here's her boys that she always pimp...haha
we've got a huge shortage of gals in our team:( sob
after all the sweat,mud and running under the rain...

here's part two of the unit's retreat.

yes its family bonding time in a nice cosy hotel rm.

this pic doesnt do her cleavage justice:P

its fun when ur colleagues are also ur besties.

Peiru..thanks for always taking care of us!!hugzzz..we promise to be filial to u!haha



Anonymous said...

cool. your retreat is like another outing! sounds fun =D


Rex said...

the girl are so rare in your team hahax~ i think u all guys should take good care of her also. =)

Anonymous said...

sound fun!! your black short is pretty nice. may i know where you got it from?

duncan said...

i love mama too ! =)

Kenneth said...

MAMA MIA! :D lol

Anonymous said...

My god! All so goodlooking! Peiru's really like mamasan siah!y

jeremy said...

see..more fun and photos..HAHA..give me back my civillian life..

russ said...

vv>yeah thats cus my team ppl are really fun mates whom i love.

rex>yeah she is like our queen!

anonymous>i got it from hk.its only a plain berms though


russ said...


anonymous>i'll say thank u on their behalf.

jeremy>army got lotsa bonding games too right?

jeremy said...

yup..played bowling today company outing..average 120.5 pin falls pretty terrible..HAHA..for 2 games..still, i want to hang out and slack..rather than always constantly on guard and anxiety which would cause me to go crazy

Jaded R said...

for the mo' i really thought it's really mother's day -_-

what a happy family u got there...mama's sons so "xin fu"


Popthemusicdrug said...

we love mama cause mama let us do the things our mummy wont allow to. hehe

Popthemusicdrug said...

ppl wear green u also wanna wear green :P

last few pics all green can!

KareL KoeN said...

are u away on holiday again? bleah...

Kenneth said...


russ said...

jeremy>bowling is fun,though i aint exactly e best player ard.yeah u should take some time to slack and have fun man!!

rl>why so jaded?ha.yeah the sons are very 'xinfu' indeed.

ptmd>errrr...i already said i will wear green b4 u reached.anw..that day was made up of the green and red team what.

karel>heyhey..nah..i am in singapore,though i want a holiday desperately.how's everything man?

kenneth>yesssh!i am so happy also!!haha.she's lookin hot and fab!3 awards too!!!wheeeee!!!