Tuesday, August 26, 2008

drink drank DRUNK

i've been told to be a gooood boy and party less.

but its hard when u've got a bunch of drunkards as ur best mates!

so we got totally wasted again.

here's pics of e weekends.

it didnt take us long to get totally hammered.

For a start,we divided ourselves into two teams

our task is to wash down 2 jugs of volka orange in e shortest time.
the winnning team strikes a pose (pierre missing in e pic)
erm actually not.

we finished it up,but in a sluggish speed.
the other team was much older faster and better drinkers of cus :P

me being a godawful drinker, i was extremely inebriated.

BUT it was all fun as usual:)

we danced the night away

and it was TIME TO KISS GOODBYE... literally

there were lotsa saliva on everyone's faces

but we love each other we didnt mind:)

its nice to have gd friends ard u,especially when u aint having e best day in ur life.

time to hug myself to sleep.gdnight..

the most enjoyable moment for e nite was @ e staircase:)


Popthemusicdrug said...

wheee. i m first. miss PS!! PS shld have been inside too.

i think we had a drop too much. and i don meant the saliva.

but thats another story la. hehe

Rex said...

argh... this thursday MUST grab my buddies parties hard to release all e accumulate stress in e past few years!?!?! ewk!? cheers!

Kenneth said...

good boy also nid to relax mah right?

its a way to release ur stress @ work or rewarding urself for being such a good boy. :D

anyway, guess we will be slightly disappointed coz britney manager Larry send a mail to confirm on radio that Britney will not be performing.

"Britney Spears will not be performing at the VMAs this year. I am telling you officially and unequivocally that BS will not be there," Rudolph wrote in his email.

Anonymous said...

PS misses you guys too...


russ said...

ptmd>yeah ps should be there...

rex>have fun and get smashed!

kenneth>yeah how true:)thanks eh.

oh man...i was hoping so much that britney could perform @ e vma..especially after seeing the preview and also the video on madonna's concert...miss seeing her perform:(


iruffcookiedough said...

am sure you have great fun, i know i did. *smiles*
tag me already!

Popthemusicdrug said...

faster kiss and make up already.

Anonymous said...

oh man! i didnt get to be the first this time.just got home from work =(

i hearts partying too but i totally hate vodka orange! how do you all even managed to finish a jug!?! salutes!


Kenneth said...

yah. me too. have been watching her past performance now and then. She is simply delicious *oops*.. nope.. hot hot hot....

But she is working on her new album and was say to be release dec or next year so hopefully by then, she is 100% back mentally and physically!

Anyway, there is this official survey conducted by Team Britney.

2008 & 2009 will be a great year to me coz 1. britney is back 2. my fav. JPOP galgroup SPEED is back too. so happy & excited :D

duncan said...

i look so chui ..

Rex said...

yeah.. must party hard like u all. but after search through the entire contact only found one kaki leftover in singapore.. so bad... lonely. should abandon the only one then go back malaysia travel around~ hahaa.. so evil

russ said...

cookiedough>of cus i did:) lotsa fun!ha.yeah tag alr.

ptmd>yeah sorting out.

vv>haha..thats cus u got work and the entry was up ard 12.anw...yeah volka orange aint exactly my fav drink,but i like to mix orange with champagn though.

russ said...

kenneth>i am so looking forward to her new album,i 'm sure it'll be as gd as all her past albums.hopefully this time round,she is in her usual gd form and we can have awesome videos and performances.cant wait!

duncan>no u dont!

rex>dont u have alot of frds in singapore?

Anonymous said...

ya agree with ptpd
all will be fine wan :)

+*+Serena+*+ said...

I've not been blogging for the past 3 weeks... Finally is updated~! Do visit and tag ok? I know you've not been tagging my blog ah! MUAHAHAHA! =)

I've sent an email to you which I think you'll like it.. Take care!

Rex said...

duh... yea... not many friends in singapore eh. sad case... XD
colleague all work at night hard to pull them out, buddies go back to their country now since short holiday... and some go italy attachment this wed!? then left me here! arg.. become a homely boy stay at home better? tsk...

russ said...

anonymous>ha ok?

serena>cus u didnt update..ha..u disappear for sooo long.thanks for e email:) will check it in a min.

rex>sound so poor thing*pats*

Anonymous said...

cool. i shall try champagne with orange next time.
you are either travelling or partying. not working?


+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... Are you sure is i nv update or you no time to visit? LOL!

Oh ya... I watched the movie already... Not bad =)

Rex said...

yeah.. but good thing is today is my last working day!? haha~ sept coming!? dinner?

iruffcookiedough said...

any anonymous posters with vindictive comments? i think i have figured out who the anonymous poster, but lets not be bothered with such trivialities. cheers!

russ said...

vv>nah..i work my ass off too.i'm a financial planner with manulife.work hard and play hard:)

oh u should try champagn with orange,very yummy.

serena>u bought the dvd?or u watched it in sinema?

rex>congrats to ur last day!!yeah i've got mre time in sept.

cookiedough>yeah its pretty easy to find out who he or should i say 'she' is.haha.there are not many such dumb arses ard.

Anonymous said...

agrees! work hard,play hard.im playing harder than i work!

financial planner.cool
i guess im going into this area too.im studying banking & finance in uni now.heh

i might be your colleague someday =D


+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha nope... I actually churn out some time and went to watch at the cinema... =)

IVAN said...

hey ben! how r u since the movie premiere? havent heard from u since leh.. so filming another movie soon?

cheers! hopefully can meet up soon =))

jeremy said...

omg..ure having too much fun it makes me sick..LOL..well,im leaving for savage brunei in like afew days time (end of the week) actually..so.. cya at the end of the month..LOL

russ said...

vv>yeah it'll be fun if u are my colleague:)

serena>thanks.so how do u find it?

jeremy>dont pull such a glum face man...cheer up and c ya soon