Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my beautiful friends

heres pics of my movie premiere @ cathay last fri.

i could feel the jitters to see myself on e big screen for e first time,the fact that its also e first time i am watching e entire film makes it even more nerve wrecking.

but i am glad most of my gd friends all came down to show their support,cept my bestie jeremy who is having chix pox.

i also apologise for being late during e speech.

anyhow...scroll down to check out all e beautiful peeps that night.

the night ended with booze @ zouk of cus.

but yeah no one was sloshed :)

i wanna sincerely thank all my gd friends that came down that night...u guys actually dressed to e nines that night(all lookin hot,especially peiru,sher,val)...appreciate it man!

jessica and maylene is missing in all e pics.
oh well,a gynormous hug to all my loves.

b4 u actually prune ur face at me that e word gynormous dont exist.its actually a combination of gigantic and enormous.


thanks for e flowers pierre!


Rex said...

see who's the first this time! hahaha~ no chance to see the premiere eh... got to work that night. haha~ all e pose look e same in the last pic. =) standard pose?

Anonymous said...


eh. was that green apple shots?!

heh. you are always on the left of the pictures again =D


duncan said...

dx miu great job for ur show ! so proud of u !

Kenneth said...

hi. actually I forgot to tell u that i went to ur premiere that day but was quite late(like 1min before the show start) I did saw u when I took the escalator up but by the time I was up, i din see u and I tot u might have went into the cinema alr so me and my cousin rushed into the hall and end up seeing all the cast(except u... haha) was introducing themselves. :D

But anyway, i do enjoy the movie. Not bad for first timer in a movie. There is definitely room for improvement though la but im sure u did ur best. Good luck on ur next overseas casting eh, maybe we will see u agn on movie? :)

Enjoy urself and take care!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work ben.dont worry,you still look cute in the movie.


PESH said...

all the best in everything!

KareL KoeN said...

hey great job!! man,,, wah how do u feel? haha bet u are proud.. haha

russ said...

rex>its a standard pic with everyone.how many expressions do u expect one to have?haha.u cant expect me to do a funny face all e right?

vv>thanks alot vv.yeah somehow i am always on e left....my more comfortable side.

kenneth>hey!!i am glad u came.cus i didnt see u that night,thought u didnt come down man.

yeah i was freakin late in getting in,only went in after e show started.haha.bad bad.

glad u enjoyed e movie:)hopefully the next one will be better man!

cass>haha lookin cute is not my main piority in e movie,but i am happy to hear that anyway.thanks yea.

pesh>thanks alot pesh..as always!

karel>it was pretty excitin,exhausting but all in e name of fun.

Kenneth said...

paiseh.. haha.. nvm la, if u get the role for the next movie i surely go support u agn de la. This time sure go look for u.. haa. :)

Enjoy enjoy!

Rayning said...

Sweet pic of Nat Ho !!!