Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Not for the first time Dr. Romanelli got together with Medicom on a Bearbrick. This time the designer created a transparent 400% Bearbrick, featuring the organic structure as a print. Via Toybeast.
Expect the release soon!


Anonymous said...

i think it looks COOL.

but after the second look. it looks kind of scary =(


russ said...

vv>wow thanks vv...this must be the fastest comment i ever received.i just posted like few seconds ago.haha..its alil scary,but i like it that way.haha.freakish and nice.

Anonymous said...

freakish and nice.interesting.
the teeth of the bear on the left reminds me of Joker. tsk tsk.

maybe because im a girl,i rather go for smth cuter than freakish =D

more photos next entry! :)

Anonymous said...

i like this bear!!! he have the veins and the arteries all over.. cooolllll

sori dude i hvnt had a chance to watch ur baby yet. i wanted to.. pls give me the details. will definitely support u


Rex said...

It's look so scary...

russ said...

vv>yeah i guess gals prefer something a lil mre cutsy:)there's loads of pics in e next entry,hope its not too much.ha.

karel>no worries man.i understand that u are busy.hmm u can still catch in sinema@ old school or u can go get the dvd:)

rex>haha...but u aint a gal!