Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i've been a lazy ass when it comes to uploading photos of my bangkok trip.

bangkok has always been one of my favourite short it for the good food or the dope massages.

a typical weekends in bkk will mean getting myself hot and sweaty in chatuchak market,digging for the some superb vintage stuff b4 proceeding for a long good thai massage.

i heart oil massages too but being a male with testosterone pretty much flooding my brain.....oil massages always cause some embarrassment :P (even when i have no dirty thoughts man,i am just prone to ........ when being touched)hahaha

crap aside....i'll love to eat the luscious phai thai in bkk.its very different from what we get in e thai restaurants in singapore.

ugh..i am famished and i miss all e savory food in bangkok

and of cus the formidable sales and shopping !wooo.

there's scads of photos........

our singapore girl.

the beautiful scenery that welcomes us upon arrival.....

rex was trying to capture some nice angles of me but i wasnt ready for the camera that day

it was quite annoying cus the camera continues to flash

shades always helps.

the culprit.

its a pity there wasnt much pictures with derrick and leroy .

somehow there were many days i didnt bring the camera with me....i didnt carry a bag and i was wearing shorts the whole time with my pockets stuffed with wallet/hp.

but rex is a camwhore:P that explains his huge amount of pictures here.

i love the retro coke bottles!

man!guess who i saw

take a closerrrr loook

yeah!its captain jack sparrow!!!

and i managed to snap a pic with him:) he strikes a high fashion pose.

oh we sat a 'burberrys 'cab too.

greyhound cafe has e best toothsome desserts.

the scorching weather in bkk makes a ice-cream a essential dessert to eat all e time

yes...i did put on some weight.tsk!
all these pictures prob sums up a big part of my bkk trip.

it was fun even though i've been to bkk umpteen times and i always visit the same few places.

thai ppl are like constantly polite and nice....i wish mre singaporeans could be like em.its quite a gd idea to be working in bangkok i guess.

land of smiles indeed.

the last pic of e trip!


Anonymous said...

wow! im the first again? hehe.

thats lots of pictures.
which hotel you stayed in? i miss bkk too. i want to go back there after seeing all the photos!


russ said...

vv>wow i am amazed by the speed of ur comment.its nice to know that u are reading this blog very regularly though.thanks vv.yes bkk is fun!

Anonymous said...

im amazed by your speed of reply too!

well, it just happened that you always blog at late night.and i reach home this late too!

if you blog in the noon.i will definitely NOT be the first =D


Anonymous said...

very nice pics... looks like fun to me!

Anonymous said...

lks like u had alot of fun~!

a qn for u....
where did u get the white framed shades?? its v nice!!!!!


Rex said...

oo.. this is tat time you went bkk. all e photo inducing me to bkk eh.. nice. hopefully i can go after my risk mgt and mgt acc module. hohor~ got sponsor~

duncan said...

yeah i miss bkk too !! .

dx miu u never fail to brin gback nice pics.. but this time round is abit way too little hor =P

anyway i like ur "fresh" red cap very very much and it looks good on u !

KareL KoeN said...

eh dude u dunt feel guilty with the food u eaten during your holidayz! HAHAAHAa... esp the ice cream...

well im not that busy now.. im clearing my leave and offs. yeah i saw the schedule, im gg to watch on firday they have this freaky friday

yeah thanks dude...

Anonymous said...

hi.. watched your movie and it's pretty nice...
may i know what size the Y-3 belt you are wearing. wanna buy online but wonder how the size length.. also, where you get the black/dark blue checkered shorts.. pretty nice!

Kenneth said...

Singapore Next Top Model VS Bangkok Next Top Model? lol

the camera just loves u sia.. u owis owis look so good in fotos. *jealous*

I want to go BKK too looking @ ur fotos and those thing u bought.. haha :P

Kenneth said...

oh ya... i adore those retro coke bottle too. I brought one empty one from there too.. :D

Lucky Boy 1420 said...

just a damn fucking fake photoshop picture...

Anonymous said...

fake pic

Anonymous said...

Because fucking UGLY people in bad photo shoot LOVE it.

PESH said...

thailand has never seem appealing to me in any ways.
oh except for the massages!(:

russ said...

vv>yeah i usually blog late at night.thats when i am most active.

anonymous>yeah it was a fun trip.

c>its from gucci.

rex>yeah u should go there soon,since is a sponsored trip.

russ said...

duncan>haha yeah very lil compared to our usual trips.

karel>oh yeah theres screenings this fri.i feel guilty man,need to hit e gym alot after this bkk trip.

anonymous>my belt is a size M.the shorts is from GAP.

kenneth>thanks kenneth...yeah it was a enjoyable are u man?havent talk to u on msn lately.

luckyboy> its gd that u can photoshop cus i know nuts abt it.


pesh>yeah e main attraction is all e massages!

Kenneth said...

im gd lor.. working part time now.. haha.. hey i think i saw ur mum & grandma @ suntec just nt sure is it them though.

Anonymous said...

so pity u not have a thai friends to tale u to some nice place

Rex said...

yeah~ waiting for him back from Japan first. haha! btw "phai thai" a food? =)

russ said...

kenneth>might be the wrong person cus i dnt think my mum was out with my what part time job?

maddog>ya man..i do have thai friends,but they were busy at that point of time so i didnt bother em.

rex>yeah its a kind of noodles:)

Rex said...

really. u mentioned this can be found in singapore right? where is it? =)

russ said...

rex>u can find it at most thai restaurants.

Rex said...

wow.. speed reply, haha~

jeremy said...

wah..tons of pictures again..and all having fun it makes me jealous..haha..will be in brunei from 8-28th lo..pretty long and tiring training i guess..oh wells, cant wait to long la..

Kenneth said...

haha.. maybe.. office work, u can call me a acc/admin assist/officeboy :) might be working as perm in the future though..

russ said...

rex>haha yeap:)

jeremy>hmmm i hope u can have fun while in will be lotsa nice wonderful memories after u ord...its a gd experience.

kenneth>oh admin work.hope ur colleagues are a bunch of nice peeps and u r're enjoying ur work:)

jeremy said...

haha..oh sure..its just like having all the creepy things still residing with you even after your jungle training has wads ur future plans to become busy?LOL

Popthemusicdrug said...

i like the outfits you wore for this trip.very casual chic and colourful. its CCC!!!!

anyway. why wld anyone say u photoshop ur pictures when u obviously dont. haha


russ said...

jeremy>not that..but its always nice thinkin back about all e fun that happened in ns.u'll know what i am saying when u ord.ha

ptmd>exactly!if only i know photoshoping..the pictures will be nicer.haha.but that person who post that comments,haha.his photoshoping doesnt seems to help him enuogh:P

Kenneth said...

thx :)

think another way round, I guess u look too great in ur foto alr, ppl start thinking if u fotoshop ur pic or nt.

Well.. at least nv there is anyone who tot i fotoshop my own fotos. instead my fren even offered to help me fotoshop.*uh... unfair* lol

jeremy said...

haha..oh well,if only all my overseas trip was for leisure and not training and getting 'turn out' =x

russ said...

kenneth>thanks kenneth for being as sweet as ever.hmm,i think ur pics are very nice alr,but ur frd offered help because he could make it even nicer.i've got a gf who takes very nice pics all e time,but she demaands all her pics to be photoshop too.i would wanna learn photoshop soon too,seems like fun.

jeremy>yeah i cant be as fun as holiday trips.but i guess we can only make the best outta it.think postive and try ur best to enjoy it?

Kenneth said...

good. a photoshop can do lots of 'magic' to the fotos. haha..

Rex said...

photoshop!?!? I am getting a teacher from lasell (am i spell it right? XD) to teach me how to deal with the trouble software!?haha~

Anonymous said...

i realised the comments just go on like a msn conversations.heh.

more updates and i'll be the first to comment again! =D


Anonymous said...

this is a good post. a great one. Looking forward to a new entry! :)

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russ said...

vv>thanks vv.yeah its pretty much like msn conversations.i'll update another entry tonight:)

anonymous>thanks for dropping by...glad u like this humble space.

russ said...

moe moe>sure i'll rsvp u.thanks for e invite:)

jessicahong said...

Hi Rich. You are travelling again!
Haha. Nice photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get your caps?