Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Giant wheel of the world

Say hello !

to the world's largest observation wheel


2008 sees the unveiling of a fresh record breaker, The Singapore Flyer, a 165m wheel capable of carrying 784 passengers.

the singapore flyer is currently still soaring high as the world's largest observation wheel.. not until the great beijing wheel & the great berlin wheel comes in 2009.Damn!

oh well,we'll reign number one for at least now till 2009.

how cool is that!

I have wanted to be the first to take the inaugural flight of e singapore flyer,but somehow due to lack of time....

i only took the singapore flyer with my two pals sherlyn and rex couple of weeks back:(

sherlyn who looks pretty au natural refuses to be in this blog entry as she didnt put on make up.thus,photos of her will be missing in this entry.

so the only available camwhores at ur service will be yours truly and t.rex.

b4 u embark on your ride...u have to go thru some very strict security checks.

yes by me!!!

inspector benji reporting.

a picture taken with their staff...what a shy gal.

lets take a look at our singapore's pride & joy...

this awesome shit is built at a cost of S$240 million!imagine that amt of money!wooo.

@165 metres, it offers views of the city to even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Each ride will last about 37 minutes.

tickets @ $29.50 for an adult

all in the comfort and luxury of air-conditioned capsules which can be customized for that special experience in the sky.

look at how beautiful this singapore baby is......its definitely worth the 240 mils eh.

being Asia's first-ever giant observation wheel, it offers visitors panoramic 360-degree views of the burgeoning Marina Bay area.

now lets take a look @ e breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay, our island city and beyond.

i'll show some random pictures of the view we see.

thats all homies.

its much more exciting to see the view from e capsule of the singapore flyer....then thru pictures on my blog

but i'll be extremely honest....

it can be a teeny bit boring during the 37 mins,since there aint any super duper hot views that i can rave about in delirium.

oh well,but bring ur camera and head to e singapore flyer if u got some time to spare...

take lotsa pictures....

which i did...

mostly of myself....haha big yawn.

i was secretly hoping the 240 mils is spend on makin a world class roller- coaster than a observation wheel.

especially when ferris wheel aint exactly the ride i always look forward to in theme parks.

but i am still proud of our singapore flyer anyway.

similar to the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer is definitely a unique attraction for leisure travellers.

so rem to go take our asia's first-ever giant observation wheel if u havent...
Singapore flyer!!!being number one in e world must be a great feelin...u're the pride of e herd!i'm so proud of u !!

toodles and i promise to update this blog as often as i can:)

Details on its official website here


ced said...

sexy sexy~ high up in the air !

Rex said...

yea... I hope it can build a roller coaster instead of this flyer *sigh*
spent almost $30 to take a look at the construction progress... haha~

duncan said...

why never ask me to go !!! so sad !!! hmmmppp... lol ...

i wanna go ! =P

russ said...

ced>ha..thanks ced

rex>yeah..u see alot of contruction in progress..oh well..its quite a experience.

duncan>cus u always busy wth work hard to fit ur timing!!

Rex said...

hahax~ probably I think =)
I am waiting for surrounding construction all done then I will go and take a ride =D

Serena said...

Yoz yoz... I'm back again... I know I MIA for very long... Haha... And I've also been MIA-ing in my blog too... =P

Haha.. I'm also going s'pore flyer this sunday... And I'm going in the evening... So I think i will see something different? Maybe lights? Haha...

Just nice... Yours was in the day and mine will be at night... See which looked better.. MUAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

i think that its pretty boring. construction sites below. eeuw.i would definitely prefer a roller coaster too! but still,it was a gd experience.

oh. I'm seeing bottega wallet yea. haha =D


Leo said...

Ben > John should be reading your entry. You will make the STB folks very happy. I'll try check it out before and after the Marina Sands construction. Btw, did you ask the lady at the flyer for a photo or vice versa? Haha.

Duncan > The full trip is roughly 30 minutes. Bet you cant afford to stop work for that long!!

jessicahong said...

Hey, are you advertising for the S'pore flyer? Haha!
Nice photos you have there :)

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to do the flyer too but think about it should wait till IR is up! Not worth going with just the construction sites!!!


russ said...

rex>yeah that a ride when e contruction is done.

serena>haha upload photos,so we know whether is better to go in day or night.

vv>its bottega,but its rex's. yeah its quite boring now,not much nice view to see.

leo>i didnt know john wls for stb.haha.anw...dont take e singapore flyer now..take it when the contruction is done.oh thanks for ur donuts!

jesssica>haha...nope...they should pay me money though.:)thanks anw

Kenneth said...

guess u alr watch the womanizer director cut version alr... britney is looking so damn hot in those naked scene:P haha..but the mv reminds me to toxic though..

jeremy said...

haha..finally u sat it?after so long..nothing much also..its a trip you would want to take once and that's it..oh well,im going back for guard duty..cant wait for my break from 25-29 oct then its sentosa..HAHA

russ said...

kenneth?yeah saw it and i am so lovin it.i agree with u on e toxic part but at least she is looking smokin.brit makes my day:)

jeremy>yea finally sat it...have fun in sentosa!

karel said...

how the experience sexy? u scare? do u ever had a dream falling off. haha u can imagine when ure on top then it stop.. haha then...

OMG drama lah. cutie ben.. how are u? hows ur new renovated home??

russ said...

karel>ha ur comment so funny.nah of cus i am not scared...anw the newly renovated place is nice,cus duncan is the interior designer for it and i love it.

Popthemusicdrug said...

how much did singapore flyer pay u to do this?

def $$ well spent! :P

Anonymous said...

are u using a bottega wallet??