Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ben & Pierre @ work

Its been eons since i update pics of me @ work.

well,we've been wking my ass off recently.....especially with e recession and all.

i'm not trying to hard-sell BUT its honestly the best time to get a savings/investment plan now if u havent(and u know who to look for)

ahem urs truly of cus:)

well,i have been busy with my courses of late.....think wking from 930am-9pm.

ok that also includes lotsa breaks and of cus the great company of pierre.

i've got a sweet -cream and chocolates perk me up mre than a starbucks coffee does.

here's pierre and myself enjoying our ice-cream.
there's no ben & jerry's near my office but i thank god for ice-cream gallery.

pls try my fav strawberry cheescake ice-cream!
or pierre's highly recommended hot-dog bread.

their chicken franks are yummilicious.

pierre display his love for weiner:)

our delightful and contented expressions after our self declared extra loooong breaks.

breakfast @ starbucks...i swear those belgian waffles are extremely overrated.

its two days of long hours of hardwork in e office...

wakin up @ 8am is not a easy task...thank god for the the congenial surroundings of my fun colleagues whom are my best frds too.

but work is work and i am ahem a responsible boy.



Aaron said...

Hey ben, U look very sinister with that angle hahaha!

btw,where is this place??

fufu said...

wow remember to take enough rest ya

iruffcookiedough said...

you two look so cute together. i should have been there, but i had to meet clients. professionalism comes first for me lah. hehe

Rex said...

rolling by~ you look great in this post! =)

russ said...

aaron>sinister?in what way?maybe cus i am a bad bad boy!

fufu>thanks sweets:)

cookiedough>ahem...professionalism comes first indeed.there's always a make up with sam anw.see u this week:)

rex>thanks rex:)

duncan said...

strawberry cheesecake ice cream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ! slurp !

fuck me said...

i been going for BOTOX jab again!and now i look like a freak.

my frds are all old and ugly,so must botox.

i don't even have a penny in my piggy so cant buy any policy,i even need to sell my arse but nobody wanna buy.

i lead a pathetic life because i have to go around other ppl's blog and leave strange comments because i am a loser:( nobody read my blog,so i have to leave comments so ppl can notice me.

russ said...

duncan>try it later..its beside DC!

f me>whats wrong with u...dont say that abt urself!chill?

Popthemusicdrug said...

im scared of valley point!

once "supervised" by grumpy knots , twice shy!

russ said...

fuckyou>i think u have left the most hilarious comment i ever received.listen up dickhead.

1- i've never once said i was cute in my blog,there are so many gorgeous ppl out there...and i am no way near:)

2-i dont think i could bad mouth u since i dont know who e fark u are.moreover..i don talk abt losers...they are not even a topic to begin with.

3-if u are so bitter abt life or me..then dont read my blog?whats wrong with u.

4- what makes u think my parents dunno?lol..i have a extremely gd r/s with my parents,i tell em everything and they are very encouraging towards everything i do.they read my blog and i am cool with it.opps,sorry to disappoint u:)

5-one mre nonsence from u..and i'll send ur ip address straight to e police.or u can hear it from my lawyer.thank god for ur threat abt coming to my place so i could save it and show it to e police:)if i were u...i would just shut the fark up frm now on.

feel free to drop by my place so i could see ur face.that will make things sooo much easier:)

serena said...

glad to see u working hard! im going back to hk next week for 2 weeks! =)

russ said...

serena>oh its a gd time to go hk now..all the sale!

Leo said...

Cheers for the update Ben. Peiru must be extremely happy that you guys are part of her team.

PG not only loves hotdogs; he loves mini burgers too. Ask him about Bar Stop.

See you in a few weeks.

Popthemusicdrug said...

dx-as advised by darren, send the loser a lawyer's letter with his IP address.

russ said...

leo>yes would lurve to catch up real soon!

tell me abt those mini burgers @ bus-stop..i lurve em too..yummy!

ptmd>hmm..we'll see?afterall he stop whatever he is doin.