Saturday, May 9, 2009

Labour day Party daze

I've always deem public holidays to be e time to bring on e alcohol and get consequently inebriated.

no,i am NOT a habitual drunkard nor alcoholic,in fact i can barely hold my liquor.hence explains why i am perpetually in a wrecked state after a couple of drinks!darn!

BUT i personally think its alright to get sloshed and wasted so long as u are in the good company of ur besties.

However,be pepared to have f*** ugly pics of it on facebook e next frds are not spared in this case and everyone's got their share of sleeping and intoxicated pics.i'm so tempted to post those private album pics up!

anw..its the hols again and this time e party get started at cafe del's pictures.


this was b4 i officially got wasted and shitfaced....and yes the party kinda ended abruptly...

BUT..weekends aint over


i'm in bangkok now and yes,it also means i'll be givin fashion week and my cheryl dearie's bday a miss.sorry babe.

But i love bkk,the food,the peeps,massages and i so need a short getaway.

its prob not the best to travel anywhere especially bkk due to e swine virus.God bless me!

so i'll be extremely thankful and elated if u guys can keep me in ur prayers:)love much!


duncan said...

u will be safe dx miu ! enjoy ur bkk getaway ! miss ya my fren !

dez said...

when are u back from thailand?

Anonymous said...

dont drink 2 much!

russ said...

duncan>thanx dx miu

dez>back since mon.


Popthemusicdrug said...

wheres e pressieessssssss