Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Board the BLUES train life isent all abt playing.

i wish i could just party and play all day..that would be relentlessly,absurdly unyieldingly awesome but that will also make me a lazy man.

so here's mre pics of another day at work...our kickoff meeting @ suntec.

i'm still the responsible financial planner :P

pierre and urs truly in fight away the blues!

and the end of the day...

its best to have some beer and the company of great frds.
mama lookin really sweet and cute..

siberia makin her virgin appearance on my blog.
jays and pierre posing with vertu...that farkin luxury phone which i wouldnt bear or afford to spend my money on.
jays lookin extremely smart and gd in his dior.
pierre & dowell.

i swear we didnt colour coodinate the blue.

i wanted pierre to be in his fuschia skinny...while i'll be in electric blue.

but it turns was the harmonious combination.

blue is my fav colour anyway and my love affair with blue started eons ago when i was a baby.

my mum has always dressed me in blue since i was a shorts,blue cap,blue tshirts,blue bow,blue undies.

and my sis in pink of cus.haha

oh digress a lil...lotsa negative stuff is happenin in my life now and i prolly have myself to blame.

its difficult to get outta it albeit the fact that i have no intention of hurtin anyone in e process.i know best frds will be best frds.10 yrs of frdship wasnt for nothing.

anyhow,i dread talkin abt depressing stuff to ruin any blog reader's mood.

so have fun and toodles.


Anonymous said...

smile! (:
I love ya blog!

Han said...

Hi Benjamin

I guess life has to have ups and downs...I also believe that there is always sunshine after rain...thou I dun experience much of it.

There is a good book - Peaks and Valleys which you may wanna read...from the renowned author of "who moved my cheese"'s the link ->

For you, I think certainly you are living your life the way you want it to me (thou most of us would want to have $$ without the need to work that hard ...afterall there is no free lunch). Most people dun get to do so... we work for a living ...thatz quite sad but pragmatic cos we really have no choice.

These pics of yours look great and your hair doesn't look short nor awful like you say.

If you believe in Feng Shui, you may wanna get a check to see if BLUE is indeed your favourable colour...cos that really depends on our bazhi ...and you will be surprised it does work. For me, blue, white black is not my lucky, I wear less of such coloured clothes when I go for important appointments.

Yes, like you, I dun sleep early must sleep early ...must take care of our liver - read somewhere that our liver is an important organ of our body, after our heart and brain.

russ said...

anonymous>thanks whoever u are:D

han>thanks for spending e time and dropping encouraging comments at my blog all e time.

i do appreciate it and yeah..i'll check 'peaks and valleys' out since i enjoyed 'who moved my cheese'

i'm a christian and not a believer of feng shui..but thanks for the advise anw.

oh and i'm glad my hair is not that bad to u.ha

Han said...

you are welcome, benjamin.
sometimes, it is good to get 'boosts' from readers/friends

hmmm....Fengshui is an art/ may be suprised at the effect thou, and sometimes, no harm heeding some simple advices ...

can i ask which year of the animal you are born in? i can extract some simple advices, and see if you agree...haha

Han said...

Oh yeah, if your hair is considered short, then mine can be considered 'botak' liao lor...

the other good books are "The Heart of Success" by Rob Parsons and The Last Lecture. Check that out too ...if you are a "book" person.

couture said...

Hey blue boi cheer up! All u need is some rhythm to chase away the blues.

Break away to the beach or something for some tropical breeze and betcha be alrite in a hasty.

zihui said...

opps. I'm the anonymous, zihui.
Your blog is really nice.

I agree, life has to have ups and down. but no worries, Im sure you do have friends who are there for you no matter what(:

Keep smiling. I like your smile.

russ said...

han>i'm born in the year of dog:) it'll be nice to hear advise from different aspects.thanks:)

couture>thanks dude..reading comments from peeps like u guys def make my day less bitter and much better:)yesss i prolly need a holiday.

zihui>so u are e anonymous.thanks for droppin by...hmmm yeah i do hope my frdship with my best mates can withstand this period....i'll try my best to smile mre:)

Han said...

Hi Benjamin

So you are born in 1982?

As predicted by a renowned FS master, this year will be a slow bull year...and her advice is that one should avoid crowded places as disasters can happen and not take food that has to do with "ox".

For pple born in the year of the dog,

Career would be difficult and there will be little travelling. Health is good except for occasional flu (eg stomach flu) like your goodself should go out and meet more pple (you are already doing so)...

sorry, there was no mention of lucky colours..

for info.

Ask You said...

hahaha twittered that you are butter-ing...
still dare to go butter har?
scarey, kenna buttered up and bottled at home!

is that such a fun and thrilling place?

iruffcookiedough said...

nice nice!!! blue is the color du jour. too bad i left the clique of coterie a tad too early. should have joined you guys instead!!

zihui said...

yup yup! that's good. hope that things will better for you(:

Leo said...

Ben, I like this entry. Very fashionable financial planners I must say.

The photo with Peiru next to the cartoon is so funny.

I also like the photo where you and Pierre are on spot color. Forgot what that feature is called in the Canon digicam.

See you guys next time!

Anonymous said...

Popping by to say HI L!

rehearsals gonna start again soon and yeah.. you aint around this time round again... =(


*S|bEr|a said...

heyhey RUSS? haa wats RUSS..

Thanks for acknowledging me in ur blog! haha virgin appearance! Yea! :)

Ur blog very colourful! even the words!

russ said...

han>yeappie.ugh..does that mean i should avoid eating one of my fav double cheese burger?

thanks for ur advise once again han:)

ask u>ha i am a strong man with the blessings of well...i cant possibly be stayin home everyday,gotta get out somehow.and yes butter is fun..but i guess is the great company that adds to it.

cookiedough>yeah u should have joined us!!!miss much!

russ said...

zihui>thanks sweets:)

leo>hey leo..havent seen u in eons..yeah i like that pic of peiru too..adorable yea!

hj>ha...but that new guy is a better actor no?i cant tear as much as him :P time flies..i still rem our first rehearsal and musical!

Anonymous said...

L.. honestly.. i prefer your company.. bah! he can act but then we got nothing to talk abt.. crap.


Han said...

Benj - Well, if you believe, perhaps, you can consider refrain from taking beef this year. I attach the link to the rest of the predictions. This FS master is very accurate one.

On hindsight, the spread of H1N1 escalated from Butter F, if you recall...and we all know that discos are 'crowded' places...

Hey, can you share what musical or rehearsal is all about? Tks.

zihui said...

anyway, do you have msn?

russ said...

siberia>ha russ is a random nick that started from friendster...when i didnt want ppl cept frds to know my real account.but word spread and russ became a online nick and i was known as russ.

hj>hmmm i do miss those rehearsals too!oh well..try talkin to him mre...maybe its not all that bad.i still rem our first rehearsal vividly!haha

han>thanks for the link.anw its a church musical called 'life no take 2'u can find it in my old entries...i did that musical twice...and blog it twice i think.

zihui>i am rarely on msn though..

zihui said...

seriously? hmmm... it's okay then. haha!