Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing with Butter 2.0(mre pics)

Life's a party...

at least it seems this way the last week.

i thought i should keep this blog as active as myself...hence i am blogging these pics which are already surfacing on facebook for awhile.

here's PART 1-
at my new addiction- the butter factory.

everyone's deck in my fav colour blue.


peiru, dx miu, rexy

alaric back for his hols
ritz,bobby and kelly never fails to glam it up.
valerie who has been missing in my blog for awhile!

des and jem caught!


ben eddee daryl

jem is not very camera friendly these days..its hard to snap a pic of him.

addie low is the perfect party host!!!!love to bits!

one of my bestie felix!

pressie from addie and picture with eddee!


oh happy birthday to howie!

howie is camera shy and he didnt want his trunkdrunk pics to be just a couple of pics to sum the party up- AWESOME!

bobby and peiru looks unwilling to pose for the camera

the dsquared victims....dsquared is farkin kickass.

the cham prob shows that its a alcoholic bunch

me and pierre....drunk but still wanting to take a pic.

oh finally here's the blackberry gang.

i know the iphone 3gs is fantastic(i was playing with des's)....but i love my blackberry.

i'm still on course and will be having lessons.....darn.

waking up early is killlin me...and yeah..i cant wait for it to be over so i can get to laze at cafe delmar with my mates and ice cold beer!

oh..pardon my sad entries b4 that...things are gettin better and yeah i'm sure everything is in the hands of God:D it'll be good!


Air said...

DX MIU nice PICS up!!
hope u are feeling so much better this wk...and guess wat?!
it's the wkends ALREADY!
butter-UP! and have a sliding smooth wkend with lotsa golden shine...!

the Air sends his hugs!

Anonymous said...

hey. you know how much does one bear brick cost?

Leo said...

Must have been long to upload all these photos! Amazing how you manage to stay up all night, all in the spirit of good, clean, fun. I love the photo with the bottles and the Blackberry gang. See ya.

Han said...

wow, you certainly have lotsa fres and loads of fun at BUTTER ....
Wear bermudas can go in BUTTER? hmmm....
BTW, your pics of frends - eddee and daryl looks familiar ...are they some models or somewho has appeared in magazines?
well, sometimes, you may wanna slow life a little at times (cos discos are usually fast tempos)...and appreciate the beauty around you...

russ said...

air>hi air!its been seeing u in the clubs last week:)anw yes i am feeling alot better,be it emotionally or physically..haha.thanks sweets!

anonymous>its 100+ for one...depending on what model..what edition and what collaboration...

leo>yes the blackberry gang..pierre and des feels so been eons we last meet up for drinks with e gang.

han>ha i wear berms to most places..i'm not exactly sure if its against the rules.anw yeah u prob see daryl or eddee in mags b4..they do model.i am prob one of those ppl that takes life with a slow slow my frds often complain that i'm too laid back.

Han said...

hmm....maybe our definition of slow differ...or just my perception lah...haha

can sense that you love to be with friends and partying...

maybe, your laid back is waking up at noon time and lazing at the beaches to 'enjoy life'...haha

if you hv been in berms and been to places like Butter and Zirca...probably the dresscode has relaxed ...or i am still in the 'well' ...haha

zihui said...

hey, what are you working as currently? or you are actually still studying? haha!

russ said...

han>lo...yeah i take everything slow and easy...and to's all abt chilling under the sun sand sea...but yes i lurve my frds.

anw i dont think the dresscode kinda agree to berms..but i am always one who dont follow well..i guess they might be less strict nowadays?

zihui>i am a financial planner:)thats my main job....

Han said...

So, you are the nauti kind who go against rules...probably those who skip classes or doze off ...haha
btw, can you refresh how you gotta talent spotted into entertainment industry ...tot at one time, there was a BIG publicity of you when you first joined mediacorp and somehow, things fizzled out ...i guess that's the 'cruelty of life'.

hey, read in your earlier blogs about you learning driving? have you started ultimately and did you pass subsequently?

well, glad to know that you are up by 10.44am to reply not a lazy bum bum lah....haha

I guess as a FP, your job is more flexibile .... I presume you are not tagged to a particular insurance firm... which area of FP you are best in? have you helped your clients make $$??

Han said...

What is LBXX? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

miss u much ben!!!!!!!

luckily i happened to wear blue on tat day too. hahaha...

see u soon. slap!!


Rex said...

still the same ya you~ work and party hard! hahaha~
I am so into your blog because your post brighten me that life can be soooooo fun! =) hehee~

russ said...

han>err yeah as much as i wanna say i am the good boy,i am prob always the one that breaks e rules.

i won the channel u contest-the next big thing then...but ch u and ch 8 soon merge and i was with mediacorp for abt 3 yrs.

basically i didnt do much when i was in mediacorp cus i was involved mainly in charity shows,special guest and other appearance not shown in was a gd training ground as they were sending me for acting/hosting/mandarin class etc the 3 yrs.

eventually i decide that its not somethin that i wanna do full time as a career and i yeah juggling both acting/financial planning.

i am with a agency and yea i did help my clients/frds get insured and made money thru savings/investment etc.

oh and i dunno whats lbxx?

v>i missss u tooooooo!!!!!like big time!!!lets catch up s0oon!!!it was ncie seein u @ butter!!!!

rex>yeah u live enjoy it to the max:)

zihui said...

financial planning? You don't look like a financial planner at all...haha! But yea, I think finance is fun if you're interest in it.

Han said...

i tot you wrote lbxx in your twitter...haha....

Russ00RT @iruffkookydough: @duncan1216 hehe, I having LBXX now. Ask @Russ00 what that means and he will tell you. Don't laugh though. Haha.cute ma

yeah now, i remb then ...the next big thing is so happening back is a pity that they miss the jewel in you ...but nevermind lah is all about exploration and experiences....whereas for you, life is a party!

russ said...

zihui>ha yeah ppl has claim that i dont look the part..but i am a responsible financial planner nevertheless:P

han>ha..oh now i know what LBXX is..but if i reveal what that frd desmond will kill me.sorry eh.

i guess mediacorp has been nice...but i didnt have the time to continue to pursue it as a full time career,afterall i am alr 27!:p

izhui said...

I thought you are a student actually. haha! yea Im interested in finance too but I think it's quite tough to study.

and you don't look 27 too. haha!

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where you design your Blackberry?

Han said...

hey, have a good (official or social/holiday) trip to BKK tomorrow!

hope your b/berry is up and working by then...


Rex said...

true, love this "live to the max" lol

baber said...

I like the pics of you guys showing your Blackberry! Where/How you guys design it???

russ said...

zihui>i'll take it as a compliment:)and yeah its not easy being a financial planner.

anonymous>a blog reader actually design and mask it for me.

han>yeah i got a new blackberry alr.yay!!!!


baber>oh a reader actually suggested colouring my blackberry according to what i want after i complained that i hate dull colors.aint singaporeans sweet!