Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Luxe Life

LUSH music station turns 5 and yeah she held a kick ass party- The Luxe Life

Venue - poolside of Studio M.

Here's (above)foyce,me and nick the official photographer that night.

Whats a Bday party without great performances lined up...

More pics of the party..

Theres heaps of pictures of foyce and myself.

ok i know i am pretty much known as a camwhore to my readers,but trust me...i was tired that night and i didnt want pictures taken..but ended having lotsa pictures by the request of Nick,a really friendly and nice guy.

yeah he was the official photographer and he took like loads of pictures of me and Foyce..i meant LOADS.

Here's 1/10.

I didnt upload all the pictures of cus...

its scary...

happy birthday Lush,i had fun:)

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