Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love Game

I rem browsing some random mags at starbucks e other day and thought some articles were pretty riveting in a amusing way.

and i was thinking why not share it with my blog readers!

I dunno if i should credit ' seventeen' or 'cleo' cus i only snap the bits...not the mag.screw it.its either one.

Cut to the chase..heres a entry for the gals to understand us boys and yea its my edited version.3 pages is too long.


U got his text-but did u get his subtext?find out what he is really saying.

1- HE TEXT- haha
HE MEANS- he doesnt have anything else to say,and he wants to end the conversation.dont bother responding until u hear from him again.

2- HE TEXT- U still at the party?
HE MEANS-if he's tryin to find u at the end of e nite.He wants to hook up.if u dont want a random make out,wait until the morning to write back.

3-HE TEXT-up to anything fun tonight?
HE MEANS-he might want to hang out,but he's not committing until he finds out if any of e other ppl he sent this mass text to respond with better plans.

4-HE TEXT-text me later if u wanna meet up.
HE MEANS-instead of making a plan to see you,he's making you do the work.Ignore him for now-he'll text again if he really wants to hang out


Questions too broad to answer in 160 characters take too much effort to address.stick to quick Qs ("did u make it to the game?")so he can send a fast reply.

U dont want ur text to feel like the equivalentof getting called to the principle's office.He'll know u're ticked & feel a wave of dread abt replying to u.

Unless ur text was intercepted by the CID(trust me-it wasnt),he got ur message.if u want to nudge him to respond,keep it jokey,so u dont seem annoying.("u know my grandma texts faster than u!")

Accusations-or anything that will lead to a fight-should never play out over text.Waiting(and waiting...)for him to respond jus allows more time for ur anger to build.

As a male,i admit there's some truth to the above.some.
I mean it sometimes when i say "haha"(i might really be smiling/laffin on the other side).might.

and i wonder why we always complain that its hard to decipher what u gals are trying to tell us.

But a word of advise..too much mind games in a r/s would only screw things up.(all relationships)

Sometimes dont read too much into it,and dont expect too much.

Cut ur partner some slack.

Oh but more sweet talk and actions of affection dont hurt :)

Less than 3!


Jeremy Whipple said...

But maybe of boredom. Yes, I can definitely imagine dying of boredom.

Jeremy Whipple said...

Hey Ben, would you please NOT post my comments from last night. I shouldn't whine in public like that. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hmmm if there is something realli impt to convey or enquire its best to "Telephone" the parti so tat ani possible doubts arisin fr text messages could be resolved instantly:))


Han said...

hi benjamin
hope you are well...was away for a short hol...
re your post ..i dun like to/others to beat about the bushes...anything just say and get it off the chest...haha...
agree? life is just too short to play the guessing game.

russ said...

jem>sure thing,thank God i havent made it public worries alright jem?

cou+ure>i agree...i jus thought the article was calls are def way better,cus u never quite know the tone of the person thru sms,thats when misunderstanding arise.

han>oh..hows ur trip?i was wondering how come u are MIA-ing.honesty is the best policy and yea straight forward is always i say,mind games only screw things up.

Jeremy Whipple said...

Thanks for filtering me.
I feel good when I get things off my chest, but sometimes half a day later I wish I hadn't!
It's tricky striking a balance between candor and prudence…

Anw, I'm looking forward to more SMWC blogging!

Han said...

oh, just a short trip to KL...nothing spectacular lah. wun MIA lah, just that sometimes, dun know what to post cos your blog posts a bit too atas for me ...sneakers, jerseys that i cun afford ...hehe

Jeremy Whipple said...

I forgot I wrote that! I guess it was the tail end of those whiny comments I asked you not to post. Anw, no harm done. Except that right now I happen to be stuck in the middle of the most boring and tiresome translation job I've ever done. With no end in sight. But, hey, I don't think it's going to kill me. At least I hope not. The cat would miss me terribly! ;p

Write on, Ben!