Saturday, July 7, 2007

ps cafe

i went to the new 'IT 'place -demsey with duncan and jeremy last minute because we were all in e mood of a voracious appetite and yet craving for somewhere with a diff ambiance.

finally after driving around demsey,we decide on PS cafe at that sheer moment of hunger.i believed most of us had been to ps cafe by now and it needs no further introduction.

nevertheless,for the sake of those havent been there before..

here's the map

many have complained abt the bad service which i personally think is alright.anw,i love their divine offerings of desserts,very thick chocolately chocolate cakes and extremely palatable chocolate cheese cake.

their main course made up of contemporary delicacies is nothing to really shout about though.

the ambience is casual with a tinge of upscale pretense:P

but i would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a place to lounge with your homies and all you really need is a place to inspire good conversation.





brandeelovin said...

oh you had the fish and chips?
its super there : )
and so is the Moussaka and the flamed prawn pasta and the beef brisket pasta and the key lime pie and the...

ok, seriously, i think almost everything is good there
and its so cosy and all.. like.. home.. ha!

passerby said...

The building is stunning, in a kind of 50s, Hollywood Hills, Modernist kind of way.

try one of peter's sgnature cocktails too,longan martini and Bloody Mary

Anonymous said...

this cafe is plain forgettable. yes the place is nice but the quality of food or the service simply not up to mark. neither is it cheap. for the price you will get better food and service elsewhere

Mooks said...

flamed prawn pasta


duncan said...

i almost wanted to do a review on ps cafe .. on the place and food lucky i didnt ! if not so similar anyway i think the desserts are fabulously good but not the food there too ! .. but nice place afterall =) shall we go other cafe next ? he

jo said...

how much do i need to pay to sign up as a member at planet fitness?

russ said...

brandon>lets go there with the rest some time!

passerby>cool,will try it e next round!

annoymous>i thought the service was pretty alright?

moooks>but i dont eat prawns...

duncan>opps....i didnt know u wanna do a review cos u i rem u did a review on it b4 alr right?yeah,lets go there soon

jo>hmm,not sure abt e rates now,they change all e time.but if u are interested,i can pass u one of those guy's number.i think one mth is 100 ish....but if u sign a 3 yr contract..its cheaper:) ard 70 ish?

pubeboy said...

hey there... jus wanna noe where to get that black vest... its kinda in these days, but cant seem to find one of a nice cut and affordable price...