Thursday, July 12, 2007

no more sexy back

i m totally drained......

another fucking exhausted week.

dang,i miss those days where i can chill at home,spend the whole afternoon just watching silly programmes and pigging out. are the photos that are erm as fresh as news of ms hilton in jail.

after church.,my sis was craving for something chinese and local..

nothing beats soup restaurant's samsui chicken if u are seeking authentic local delights.

BUT i can never understand the strange names that soup restaurant comes up with....

samsui chicken is chesssy enough...

begger's tofu..

they even had ah po veggies

ah gong veggies(i dunno the diff,they look e same)

just to name afew.

wat were they thinking??

then again..i didnt find it weird when there was auntie anne's pretzels.

my mum hates this pic.

cos her butt is jLo x 2

time to diet mom:)

she also believes that standing behind us(further from the camera) makes her look slimmer.

i think wat she needs is marie france:)

chill..u are still e farkin hot sassy mom that i love loads!

back to wat i was busy with.....

wat else..BUT studying.tsk

dang,today is a really bad day cos i failed today's test.

its quite hard to swallow since i only failed by a mere bit.

i was abt to blog abt how hard i studied the past few days(cos i asummed i would pass)but now that i fail,i simply refuse to admit that i was studying hard.

i DONT wanna be the hardworking but stupid bloke:( that sucks.i failed simply cos i didnt have enough time to do k.

anw,check out that dorky looking lil turtle.

here's a close up and it posing

for those who dunno wat it is..this lil thing is a massager.

good news is....this lil thing cost only like a few bucks i think?cant rem e exact price,but i know is freakin cheap.


bad news is...

it doesnt work.

nothing beats a real massage....i need a gd rub!!

and talking abt masseur...

i believed some of u had prob got that msg in friendster from this kind soul...

some of his messages goes like this

'no offence, jus wonder if u need $ ?/ cos i can do wholebody massage for u and pay u $, no sex no hanky i am now taking a body massage course and i need to practise

if u r keen, sms me at 9*******'xxxx

i dont wanna be so mean to reveal his number/name.but mr kind chap,thanks..and NO.i didnt take up e offer.

anw...while typing this entry..i can feel my spine wacking me hard.

my back hurts like hell.

i know..a strong viril young man like me shouldnt be complaining abt stuff like backaches.

backaches are old men's rights.

but i think i hurt it while gymming lesson.DONT overpush urself.
its FUCKING pain now.

sigh i wonder if i can even still go swimmming tmr? its fri...i wanan be out

no way am i gonna be bedridden on weekends.

show me some love kiddies

time to rest.ouch.


duncan said...

hey dx miu .. soup restaurant ah .. yummy chicken , very nice .. craving for it now .. and u knoe what i saw the turtle massager so many times but wonder if it really works ? haha so cute .. and YES!!!

no offence, jus wonder if u need $ ?/ cos i can do wholebody massage for u and pay u $, no sex no hanky i am now taking a body massage course and i need to practise

if u r keen, sms me at 9*******'xxxx

i got this lots of time !!!! agrrr he keep bugging me !!!!!!!!!!! lets all ban him !!!!!!!! haha

but seriously i need massage badly my body ache too .. agrrrr.. im old man lah .. ahha anyway dx miu dun give up i know u can make it one .. jus luck sometimes .. =D

russ said...

ya.i know...he keeps sending this same message over and over again.alil creepy heh?maybe he really needs to find ppl for him to practice,afterall he claims there wont be any hanky panky?ha.

lets go for massage.i need one!

brandeelovin said...

massages are so addictive
don't get addicted like me!

at least this guy only wanted to massage you. i have had a guy ask if he could pay to smell my feet before. so scary la...

jess said...

your mum reali loook very young lo.where did u buy the turtle from?

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Forgive me for being naggy but pls really take good care of your back!!!

And please do work hard for your exams too!

distantpromise said...

the fifth pic is extremely charming!

distantpromise said...

take care of your back too,go see a doctor?

Anonymous said...

heya, u are not acting already?
where and what u studying now by the way?
:) thanks!

russ said...

brandon>wtf smell feet?lol.that is is sick man!there are loads of strange ppl heh.

jess>my mum will be happy to see this,since she reads my blog.anw,yeah i think she looks pretty young for her age too.i bought e turtle in heeren.

serena>ha,thanks thanks sweets.i 'll do that.u too heh,be careful.DONT hurt ur knee cap too alright?

distantpromise>what abt the 5th pic?looks e same to me?anw thanks,i will go see a doctor soon if e pain persist

annoymous>hey,thanks for dropping by whoever u are.i m still acting actually.hope u can see my new projects soon.

jeremy said...

haha..go rest la..haha..and please go accept e comments ON FRIENDSTER..LOL

russ said...

thanks jeremy....and yes i've approved e comments:)

LPPL said...

backache can be permanent. it comes and it goes. i kind of hurt mine too after my europe trip coz i was being smart trying to carry a 20kg suitcase.. take care man.

coby said...

backache is very serious,i will advise u to see a doctor.massage alone is not going to help.take care!

~~pRiS~~ said...

~drop by to say rest your back oki?luv ur blog and stay handsome!~

ethel said...

lol.. d little massager is indeed cheap la. hmmmm. backache? go c doctor lohh.. =)).. take care..

russ said...

ippl,coby>thanx dude.anw,i'm feeling much better now alr...woohoo.can jump ard!haha

pris>thanks for lovin my blog:)

ethel>thanx.and hows ur preparation for ur Os?hope u 've been studying hard.haha.

Mooks said...

i love soup restaurant. hey ur mum reminds me of someone la

ethel said...

HAHA. err.. like that lorr. very slackk lehh!! haiiss.. hmmmms. today just had O LVL MT listening compre. zZz. difficult lehh. compared to last year's one. zZz.

CRAZY said...

soup restaurant is nice, though i agree that the name for their dishes are kind of crap. haha! :D

duncan said...

wher r u !! dx miu !!!!!!! we need new posting from u !!!!!!!looking forward !!! =p