Friday, July 27, 2007

ben @ oosh

touted as the largest alfresco bar and restaurant in Singapore,Oosh is definitely the best place for drinks and to chill.BUT FOOD?yet to try it......

so daryl and myself decide to go there for dinner last week.

hmm,i must say the food there is pretty dory was fresh and tender,but the bomb was daryl's beef tenderloin.i swear i almost finished up his plate!

only complain is that the variety of food is pretty lil.

oh well..the ambience totally make up for it.

Water and greenery is a clear theme that runs through the entire development, which was designed by Aamer Taher Design Studio, the same uber cool peoplewho designed the hip eatery PS Cafe located just down the road from oosh.

Once inside, you feel as though you have stepped into an oasis. Waterfalls and ponds feature prominently in the restaurant, creating a "zen" feel.

i particularly like the idea that there are many booths at Oosh where one can just revel in the company of our own friends and enjoy the cool breeze. Each booth even comes with their own fan to cool a warm humid night.

Its definitely a great place to chill out with friends cos the booths are situated quite far apart from each other, thus providing a certain level of privacy. i heart!

there's also a one touch button for service.i know ppl have complained abt the bad service but i personally think its pretty alright.honestly!dont be so fussy la.

i have included a map for those who havent been there b4.its my lil way of saying thank you to oosh for giving me a vip card.

guys..go check out the place if u havent!




22 Dempsey Road(S) 249679

Tel: 64750002

Oosh is open from 6pm to 1am Sundays to Fridays, and from 6pm to 2am on Saturdays.


+*+Serena+*+ said...

Where have you gone to yesterday? Keeping dcing worz... Lol... Internet connection problem? Try to re-configure it? It should be ok after after that... I got alot of things to talk to you ytd... But you kept dcing... You saw the conversation I sent to you yesterday already?

duncan said...

i been to oosh twice ... service was ok .. food was again ok only ... not to even mention the disappointing small variety of their food in the menu .. but of cuz the ambience totally make up for it ....

brandeelovin said...

yeah the ambience is sexy
and the booths as well
HOWEVER!!! i hated the way each little section had its own music. and how they were so loud. so i just heard like.. 3 different songs at once. it was highly distracting. my mom had such a bad headache from it we had to go home... haha

but i <3 oosh : )

distantpromise said...

oosh reminds me of a upscale version of Villa Bali.

Anonymous said...

no way i will go back oosh.i make reservation,and upon arrival,they ask me wait 45mins.drinks price so expensive also.ridiculous.

russ said...

serena>sorry man,my msn was pretty screwed last night.anw,yeap..i saw the conversation...hmmm...but i guess is not convinent for me to talk abt it here.cheer up alright?wll see u online k?

duncan>ya man!

brandon>poor mum...i m sure listening to 3 diff songs at one time is fucked up.haha

distantpromise>ahh ic.

annoymous>maybe u went at a wrong time.i didnt make a reservation and i didnt wait.

Mooks said...

i guess we cant ask for too much. u get this u don get that??
hey the image thing is such a good idea for pictures.

so creative!

TRISHAAA said...

oohh, i love dory dory dory, chill chill chill:D

jamie said...

from the photos,the place seems beautiful.maybe will go with my friends!

jo@nse@h said...

looks very expensive lei.issit very ex?