Saturday, August 4, 2007


THE 7- UPS-(encourage yourself in the lord)

1. WAKE UP!!
Decide to have a good day.
"Today is the day the Lord hath made;let us rejoice and be glad in it"
Psalms 118:24

2. STAND UP!!...(i dont mean a morning glory,though i'm a young man full of testosterone :P)
For what you believe in. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.
"Let us not be weary in doing good;for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we haveopportunity, let us do good..."
Galatians 6:9-10

The best way to dress up is to put on a smile.A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.Man looks at outward appearance;but the Lord looks at the heart"
I Sam 16:7

4. SHUT UP!!
Say nice things and learn to listen.God gave us two ears and one mouth,so He must have meant for us to do twice as much listening as talking.
"He who guards his lips guards his soul"
Proverbs 13:3.
"Gossip betrays confidence.Avoid men who talk too much"
Proverbs 20:19
"Listen to advice, accept instruction andin the end, you will be wise"
Proverbs 19:20

5. LOOK UP!!...
To the Lord.
"I can do everything throughChrist who strengthens me".
Philippians 4:13

6. REACH UP!!...
For something higher.
"Trust in the Lord withall your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledgeHim, and He will direct your path".
Proverbs 3:5-6

7. LIFT UP!!...
Your Prayers.
"Do not worry about anything;instead PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING"
Philippians 4:6

*nah i didnt get a hefty sum from 7-up for this.


duncan said...

this is one of the coolest entry that i like ! ha , anyway god teaching rawks ! hes there for us whenever we r up or down .... hes best to relate to ... so cool ! anyway who took those pics for u ? ( hint hint* ) =P

Rex said...

ya... i agree duncan also. god look after us whenever we r up or down =)
this post is nice ben!? wuahaha~ i think your blog better than mine N time sia... =p

Anonymous said...

wahh!! am encouraged! thanks thanks... 7-up!! whooohooo.

ced said...! it's really nice and the photo wow wow!!

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Projects are killing me!!! Can't take it anymore!!! Can you give me a can of 7-UP?! Lol... By the way, I have not been drinking 7-up for ages!!!

Lots of things happened recently...

russ said...

duncan>haha...well...i've got a hot renowned photoprapher by e name of duncan who took e photos for me in e middle of the night..thanks dxmiu!!

rex>thanks rex,my pictures are pretty self absorbed.yours is nice,despite the fact that pictures are from hp.

annoymous>whoever u are.thanks!u've encouraged me too!

ced>woo,how are u dude!yeah,hell loads of pictures right.hows things for u anw?

serena>sure,i'll treat u can of 7up e next time i see u!dont be too upset alright?i'm not sure if is because of'that' but rem the 7-ups cheer up and put on a big smile like u always did,ok?

hecktheworld said...

ben ben,you are such a camwhore!so many photos.but u look very charming indeed.

brandeelovin said...

whats the story morning glory?
last night was fun
cept i was like stonning from all the emoness

i like the dress up one : )

Mooks said...

yes 7 up shld pay u la.!!


nice pics

self absorbed but we are loving it!!!

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... No worries k? I'm a very happy-go-lucky person...'That' incident is already over and i'm carrying on my own life... The 'things' that happened are some school stuffs... Ya... Internal affairs... Making me abit breathless and restless... =)

I always put a smile on my face everyday... I hoope you too!

jo@nse@h said...

u look good in yellow russ so many expressions you

russ said...


brandon>morning glory=mrning erection.......

i know u like e dress up one,cus i alwasy see a wide smile on ur face:) just perks ppl up.

mooks>yes,i should ask 7up to pay me...since they are rich.

serena>its great to hear that u are so positive.i am impressed gal!keep smiling,and keep it that way...ok?

dont get too stress up with sch too yea.i think u are working too hard.time to destress....

joanseah>yes..lotsa silly expressions.

dp said...

an empitome of a cam whore!

coby said...

your smile alway make my knee go weak

ethel said...

LOLs. this 7 up thingy is cool la. =)).

Anonymous said...

nice! haha and inspiring.
but i still dont believe 7-up dint pay u for this. haha aight kidding, blessed nat'day =)

brandeelovin said...

haha yes i know what a morning glory is.. : )
whats the story morning glory = second album released by oasis

passerby said...

interesting blog!

sandy said...

A nice write-up on the 7 ups. I really like ur smile and those other expressions. Seems like a forte of yours. :)

On a side note, did u appear in one of the scene of the latest new tv advertisement of McDonald?

Mooks said...

lazy ass! wake up and blog!

Rex said...

waiting for your new creative post ya~ haha~ ben~ waiting...

ethel said...

i saw u at the McDonald advertisement. ((:

Anonymous said...

u look good in the mcdonald advert,lk like gu tian le.

Anonymous said...

if i'm d manager of 7-up company, i wld be glad to sign u up to promote for 7-up(:



russ said...

dp>yeah...e pot calling the kettle black heh:P


ethel>the ad its quite fast though,i'm like one of e last person that saw it.

annoymous>happy national day too.nah,i do wish i was paid for it thou:)



russ said...

sandy>u are pretty sharp,yea i was inside.oh ya,thanks for sweet comments too:)cheers

mooks>i just freakin recovered dude!

rex>will update soon..with e most gross entry ever.u've warned.haha.


clara>7up should hire sweet managers like u.then they will have a awesome duo-likeable manager clara and happy spokesperson me:)

jamie said...

no new entry?

~~pris~~ said...

just want to let u know i did well and things between me and my mama is ok alreadi.

more than a week,why still no update?busy busy?miss u!

distantpromise said...

still no updates?