Sunday, August 19, 2007


A special 400% Bearbrick was released to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the 10 Corso Como Comme des Garcons boutique in Aoyama. This Bearbrick features an all-over print design with a large numeral 5 on the back as a statement to this stores 5 year existence

A matching tee shirt is also available.

10 Corso Como is Italy's Colette, just totally different and with its own character. Since a few years they also have a store in Tokyo, that they run in collaboration with Comme des Garcons. That collaborative store opened in 2002, celebrates this years its 5th anniversary.

The spacious store was designed by Milanese lifestyle guru Carla Sozzani; the store features products from Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe’s mens and womens wear, as well as Vivienne Westwood and Balenciaga.


- for peeps keen to visit their store when they're in japan

10 Corso Como Comme des Garçons
5-3 Minami-Aoyama
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03/5774-7800


duncan said...

i saw most of my frens in hk had pictures with bearbricks .. so cool lo .. they actually have exhibitions .. wonder if we can get in spore ? if we ever go to japan we must sure go !

russ said...

i think we must seriously sit down and plan for a japan trip soon.its super fun!!!i kinda miss going back is crazy!

Rex said...

erm...bearbear~ i got a new job... haha~

Anonymous said...

okay! thanks and let me know again if u have any news of the costume shop, sorry for troubling u! :)

~~pris~~ said...

so cute the bearbrick!

jo said...

macs advert?

brandeelovin said...

yum.. two of my fav words
balenciaga and CDG

and a random endnote:
facebook is the new blog!
everyone should get it!!

ha sorry for that

Euphe. said...

i have to admit bearbrck sure has caused a stir in many countries and still is. i remember reading somewhere that bearbrick did some colaboration with LV and came up with something too, ok, maybe that was old news. hah!

yesyes, you'll have to drop by comme des garcons, you'll be like a 'small kid' in a 'candy shop' and Y3 is a nice place too!

Mooks said...

Bearbricks = HOT!

when can we go for our holiday??

i didnt noe u like CDG!

skeat said...

heyyyyyy =P

i think your 'ipod man is singing' is a very interesting post.

so i figure i'll make my own version for my blog. well i lurvvvvv music too. hope you dont mind. i dont want to be a cheap copycat or anything like that. hey my ipod sings too k.


cheers mate. adios =P