Wednesday, January 23, 2008

random gabbing sessions

some random pictures with my loves..

first up dearie cheryl

then duncan i totally love azabu sabo desserts.

its one of e best.

i m currently hook to their matcha tea with milk.

my two other loves- jessica & jade

it was great reminiscing the past and all e catching up..

oh and if u think jade put on weight....nah she didnt.not at all.

in fact she looks slimmer and jus as gorgeous as b4.

tv makes ppl look fat!tsk.

and yea...we've got gd taste.

check out our watches:)


duncan said...

i miss azabu sabo!!! anyway welcome jade to our "watch family " lol ...

Dua Tau said...

u very flirt leh... so many love ones lor... haha

eh... so u cut ur hair already?

Rex said...

hey~ is it your "real" gf? X.X"
haha~ pretty sia...

last sunday never go sentosa either gym...why? as i forgot my assignment due date is drop on this week?! alamak... so dump... haha

but it's ok now as everything finish and start holiday tomorrow~ so i will be free on morning~ night time still have to work... *sign*

the watch look cool~ haha~
oh ya... do you know where is the Y-3 outlet in singapore? =)

~~pris~~ said...

oei,u and jade actually look very good

Anon_alex said...

Hey, so where do you usually go for your haircut?

ethel said...

HAHAHA. kinda busy previously.

but i also seldom see u online! =DD..

i got my results liaoo!! YAY! can get to a poly. but results not so good la.. XDD.

Dua Tau said...

hey, just realize that u wore ur watch on ur right hand too(or its just my imagination) haha...

Anonymous said...

Hi, where and how much did you get your bell & ross for?