Monday, January 7, 2008

the sweet escape

i am still in e festive mood,not in e mood to do almost anything(includes sex blogging)

basically just pigging out.

but i 'll just do a quick update on wats happening...

so..i was at siloso beach resort,one of e newest hotel in sentosa with daryl,peiru and pierre..

wheeeeee!wats better than havin golden sands and crystal clear waters at e doorstep!

erm ok..... we all know that sg beaches dont exactly have golden sand or crystal clear water.

but i guess its clean enough.

anw..sited on siloso beach amidst the lush and idyllic landscape....i particularly like e layout of e pool that sets against a lush tropical forest.(although we didnt use it!darn)

breakfast was alright...but e bonus is that its a stone away from cafe del mar:)

guess it aptly summed up the aforementioned.

for more info...

i hope sloth gets out of me fast.

time to be completely wired like b4.



Mooks said...

hey dx looks nice.

i was talking to duncan about gg to sentosa this week .


lunch, cafe del mar, drinks , dinner! (:

russ said...

dx>sounds like a perfect plan:)

Rex said...

argh... the place so beautiful~
i think i pass by the place when i went to siloso beach party last year 31st =)
o.... i like it~

PESH said...

hello trespasser! isn't this my house? LOL. joke joke!
i was wondering if you're gonna dump this blog aside, but finallyyyyyy. (:

duncan said...

i wish its my house too lol .. wah freakin' relaxing ... how i wish i was there too =P i want to visit sentosa again ! shall we .. yeah yeah del ma outing again ! lol ...

russ said...

rex>yes not bad for a resort.the villas are not ready yet,but i think its gonna be damn nice when its u go sentosa alot?

pesh>oh i was a lil lazy to update lately,but yea will update more often.i wish is ur place...then can ask u to invite me there more often.haha

duncan>we are going this week no?

+*+Serena+*+ said...

I've not been going to Sentosa for ages.... I wanna go beach! I want the sun!!!

Feeling so restless and moodless... Dunno what happen to me... Just feel so CUI~! =(

Blog skin changed! Check it out!

Rex said...

not going there often, but this year will go there at least one time each month maybe at sunday or my day off from work...

as i like beach and sun tan nowadays~ and the cafe del ma i think it's a good place to tan haha~ got sofa somemore haha~

the other reason push me to tan myself is my "singapore mum" said i am too white... =-="
must be more active as other boy... ask me don't become study & working machine only study and working~

wanna go together? haha! XD

nOeL said...

hey, guess wat?? last nite, i dreamt dat u bought a portable DVD player instead of a MACBOOK and u were happily showing off infront of me... hahaha... no kidding...
nywy it's cold, wet and grey over here today... i regretted not doing my shopping ytdy!! argh ... but with my new toy coming jz around the corner, i guess my pocket wouldnt be deep enuff to shop anymore...

russ said...

serena>nice blog come feeling so down lately?

rex>yes we can arrange to go tog.i dont like being fair too.ha.

noel>dvd player???i want my mac book can.yes u should seriously stop shopping.i wanan sit in ur new toy soon!

Rex said...

k then set lo~ ll let you know one week in advance if i going there~ =)

i don't think your skin can turn fair easily dude... u look over tan russ.... =p but it's look great-hearted. XD