Tuesday, March 11, 2008


ok its not some star awards thingy...

but i received two awards from my company.

for those who dunno,i'm also a financial planner with manulife.

so if u do need my service..let me know:)

we ended e night with some drinks at balaclava....

u know how weak i am with beer..

darn..i turn red in seconds.

anw time to turn in....

sweet dreams to anyone who is taking time to read this not that interesting blog.


Anonymous said...

Financial planner .. oic i think i need it in 2013 ?? lol

duncan said...

who say ur blog not interesting ! ur readers wont agree !! anyway congrats dx miu !! =P lookin smart btw =)

Dua Tau said...

u call ur blog nt interesting? dun ever say that again *tsk tsk haahaa

anyway, congrat.
hmm by the way, u look like some wax figure from the Madame Tussauds in da first pic. haa

J said...


ur blog not interesting! lol

so much readers , ur blog can do no wrong (:

jessicahong said...

Hey, you looked smart there, ;) And you have really red face! Haha.

Anonymous said...

how to contact u if i need your service?hp?

rex said...

opps~ i dont know you working in manulife sia.. gosh...my sister is looking for help~ haha
your company offer insurance as well?

Justin said...

congrats russ boy!good to see u doing well.so u with manulife,how come never ask me?

russ said...

anonymous> sure.

duncan>thanks dx miu.

duatau>alrigh sweets.yeah cus of e iso of e camera,so e pictures turn out too bright.very wax figure heh.

j>eh oki thanks dx.

russ said...

jessica>yes its e beer!ha.

anoymous>msg me in friendster.

rex>yeah insurance too of cus.buzz me!

justin>yeah u didnt know?

jeremy said...

haha..ok..excuse me but what time are you even online during those days?

Z said...

ur blog is interesting ok. :)

Dua Tau said...

hey, i came across this music video. The band act like the paps and follow celebrities in their video, singing their song to them and they caught Britney and Alli in their car. its on 1:02min, rather interesting tat they came up with this idea.

http://youtube.com/watch? v=8vV5SkPjSEk

A Cursive Memory - Everything

rex said...

hmhm~ i will let her know you are doing investment as well.. haha~
thinking to work part time in saxo capital markets... lolx~ =)

distantpromise said...

congrats benji!how can your blog be uninteresting,i read it everyday leh!

russ said...

jeremy>i dunno...depends...wats ur nick in msn again?

z>hey thanks z.:) nice to know that.

duatau>the link dont seems to be wking.anw have u seen'break e ice'ugh...disappointing eh.

rex>yeah why not?

distantpromise>thanks:) where have u disappear to?

Dua Tau said...

(i sent u a msg on msn last nite... haha)ya, i was one of those who watch the world premiere on internet this morning(6.30am) haha


of course its disappointing coz no real brit inside. She is involve in a sitcom so hopefully she will do another video lor..
as for the link above ar... coz i dun think blogger comments suppose the link(i tried a few time but it doesnt appears on the comment for me, dunno why)

well, u just type in (A Cursive Memory Everything) under the utube search. Its the first video if im nt wrong.

maybe i will try again...

anon_alex said...

Wow, manulife. I'm considering an internship over thr. Hows the working life thr?

jeremy said...

haha..'JKong - a new beginning'?haha..i send you a friendster message also..you go read la..

russ said...

duatau>oh u actually stayed up?u are one big fan eh,britney is so gonna love u.i seriously hope she will do one new video for 'break e ice'

this prsent one reminds me of 'toxic' somehow.

alex>it depends onwhich team u are in cus e company itself is quite big.but i think it should be a fun:)

jeremy>u did?i didnt receive it.

ced said...

well done. what award did you receive? I saw a section of manulife being the #1 insurer of the year. I won't comment if it's not an intresting blog! =)all the best in your progression in your career. you have a good balance bet work and your personal life. that's good.

Dua Tau said...

haha ok la i bo liao mah, cant slp also.

Hmm. it suppose to be a similar mv of Toxic actually, like the villian gal to the revenge and killed the enemy with a toxic/kiss.

Anyway, lot of fans is curious abt the story of the music video so here is one interpretation of the mv... ...

It shows the old Britney as being basically a robot, and she has broken through that image now, and is no longer a robot, a puppet. She has totally blown up, and is deeper than that. She can see through everyone in her life, and she cannot be fooled basically. And last but not least, "To be Continued" meaning, we haven't seen the last of her :)

haa, i still dun understand the story but nvm, looking forward to a real britney.