Saturday, January 10, 2009

The effable joy of visiting HK again.

This is prob like one of those longest outstretched period i havent update this blog.

my bad.i was in a very holiday mood the past 2 weeks,and despite the fact that i brought my macbook,i wasnt in the moood to sit down and consolidate the pics at all.

anw here are the pics of my hk trip that are as warm as fresh oven baked cookies.

to make my life easier, i'll let e pics do e talking.

Disneyland (hk) was pretty small and a tad disappointing.

however,i shall not complain since its a free visit by alec.

i still think disney its a place that couples should go..instead of buddies.ugh

not that i am complaining abt duncan's great company...but i think it would be damn nice to hold hands and visit disney with ur love.

lil mermain lookin extremely adorable.

i 'm a pretty gd shooter:)

no pun intended.

the lil cute boy that crack me up with his mischievous act.

disneyland brings out the kid in everyone

the rides were pretty mediocre,its def more for lil kids.

anyhow its photo taking time with e characters of disney.
well disneyland is obviously not e reason why we visit hk.

shopping however is.

and i must say its a pretty fruitful trip with my bestie duncan...lotsa sale going on.

(here's only part of the damage...damn,i could buy a shop home. )

some of my e buys that i favour more

sneakers is my first love of cus..i bought 3 pairs from hk this time round.

i wish i brought a bigger luggage:(

we had further vip discount all thanks to derrick too,we also put up at this mr nice guy's crib the entire hk trip.

a peek at the bachelor's pad.

openly declaring my love for britney!!

agyness deyn is the supermodel bomb.

R J shows us how to pose.

i heart dessert buffet @ Cova Ristorante

Sevva is like the best place to chill.

the perfect place to check out hk's breathtaking night scenery while sipping ur champagne.

more tim sum @ dragon-i.

mr E and mr W

my silly mickey beanie.

RJ and his cute doggie!!

a nice catch up b4 u return to tokyo to work:)

its fun to have this adorable kid J playin with u in e plane.

it makes the flight journey feels much shorter.
this is a friggin loong entry isnt it.

hk was preeminent.

the trip was simply ineffable joy with lotsa nice great peeps.

i'm definitely missing hk and the fellas there.

well,i will be flying more to hk more often in 09.there seems to be pretty gd job opportunities over there.

my new yr resolution is definitely to be make more money,be a better son,friend and boyfriend(if i am attached),basically being a nicer person.

and yes..i wanna get my driving license this more procrastinating!u've heard me.

lets hope 2009 will be a great year for everyone..and we'll nail all our resolutions(not propose a goal and forget the next min) alright?

i need some shuteye for now.toodles.


iruffcookiedough said...

nice colors and clothes!!
the one with you donning a hat-with-ears quite cool shitez! =]

welcome back!

Rex said...

w-a-s-a-i~~~ it's very vili long entry man but flood with nice pic!
must go HK this year!?
sell me some of your stuff! hahaha~ nice cap =D

duncan said...

dx miu ..

miss hk

miss miss =(
anyway the trip was really enjoying with u .. but if only miu miu and sher can join us ... will be perfect!

russ said...

cookiedough>wah u damn fast!u like the hat with ears?i can pass it to u when u travel to cold countries next time.welcome back too!

rex>yeah lotsa pics eh...maybe i should start a 2nd hand sale from my wardrobe next time.haha.

duncan>yeah it was a enjoyable trip with u indeed!!!if only sher and dx can join right!!

Rex said...

must informed me if you really implement that idea! =p
I will def buy a lots.. if my wallet allow me to do it. hahaha

russ said...

rex>hmmm i wonder if the idea actually works.anw,sure will def inform u:)make sure u come and buy some stuff!haha

passerby said...

saw a couple of your photos, at some angles you do look like eric suen, i guess you know him (:
or maybe because of your smile.

Rex said...

sure buddy! XD

russ said...

passerby>yeah i know who he is i think...hmmm maybe its the smile. he is def hotter than me la.


Anonymous said...

welcome back cutie!!!

so MANY picturES.. gaga how much time u need to download n paste into ur blog?? anyway nice trip huh..


russ said...

karel>yeah lotsa pics,took some time to upload everything up.

how are u?its been awhile i last heard from u!

serena said...

I've started my school while you're in HK!! Haha...

You went to my favourite hang-out place in HK! Causeway Bay! I will go there almost everyday if I'm in HK... Cos it's near my house! Haha... You looked damn kid with that Mickey hat la! LOL!

You just simply loves caps ya?! I always go for this brand called Subcrew... Opened by an HK actor called Sam Lee... Their caps are like limited... Once that design is sold out.. They won't be coming out anymore... I managed to find his shop last year when I went HK and got one limited edition cap back from my friend... Haha...

And YES! Your driving license~! Pls get it soon leh! I've been asking you for it since I know you!!! Haha...

Anonymous said...

I realise when you pose, it's always the left side of your face. Only 1 is from the right and it's a distant shot!

jeremy said...

omg..finally you're back..haha..and once again its a jetset around holiday destinations for you..cant wait for my turn

russ said...

serena>yes gal,shall get my license real soon!oh ya i love subcrew caps as well..didnt know u collect em too.theres a a shop at tst too.yes i love causewaybay fashion walk!when u going back hk again?

anonymous>yea guess i am used to a certain observant!

jeremy>ord already?

Anonymous said...

wow nice pictures :)

saw your fren RJ pic, is he Ryan Cheung, the brother of a celebrity in HK?

Kenneth said...

browsing thru this entry are like looking thru a mini fashion catalogue. i like ur little black ear lor. cute~

all da best for ur driving license! Ive been trying to acheive that since last year.. still cant manage thru the final theory.

russ said...

anonymous>u know him?

kenneth>hey havent been hearing from u?lets work towards the driving license k?i am sure we can gt it by 09:)

Popthemusicdrug said...

ok lets see,

i like the stussy bomber

wait i think i like the blue hoodie

change my mind i think i wan the dog

shit but the red bomber is nice too

or the leather jacket.

argh i jus think i wanna go HK soon la!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey ben,

which outlet of KTC do u go for yr frequent KTV sessions?
cant seem to find a good one!

thanks thx!


serena said...

Haha... Nah.. I don't collect caps cos I dun really wear.. But one of my guy friend do collect them and he will always ask me to bring back from there whenever I'm going back... tst? You mean Tsim Sha Tsui? Ya... His shop is somewhere there... Hmm... Nathan Road if I'm not wrong... =)

I'm not really sure when I'm going back again... Hopefully few months later during my school vacation... You need me to get back something for you there?

Anonymous said...

the trip seems so enjoyable..u both looks so good with the layering!! the mickey ears beanie is so so so cute. lets go ocean pk the next trip :)

miss miss


russ said...

ptmd>yeah i miss shopping in hk with u dx!!!!we would have lotsa stuff to buy!

perry>ktv?u mean in sg?i go to the usual party world/kbox. otherwise u can try out the ones at dragonfly i think?

serena>thanks for ur offer sweetie.nope,i dont need anything.but i am sure u are gonna have lotsa fun if u go back hk during ur vacation.yes tst=Tsim Sha Tsui.maybe i'll get ur frd's shop add the next time i visit hk:)

melah>why u dont join us!!miss miss!!lotsa gals stuff to buy also la....if only u are there!

Anonymous said...

be nicer to meeee...


russ said...

hj>am i not nice to u??

Rach said...

just droppin' by..
wow! hk must have been great for you. i was in hk too exactly one month back. i just love the weather and the shopping, the food and the transport. everything there was awesome! i just didnt wanna come back home to singapore after that.. and disneyland was where i can find back those childhood memories of mine. and if you're planning to go back there again sometime, SHOP MORE!!! :D

anw, happy new year!

russ said...

rach>yeah it was as fun as u said it.yup,i will being a bigger luggage in future with more storage space.u too eh!thanks for dropping by anyway:)

djbe@m said...

very nice fashion sense!

Popthemusicdrug said...


i have decided which one of ur outfit i like most for this trip ( same for duncan!!!!)

my favourite is the stussy bomber + the green hooded jacket inside.

the red bomber comes a close second!

grrr i want u guys' clothes la!!!!

russ said...


ptmd>u got lotsa nice stuff from bkk too!

Jason said...

so many cute pics to choose from...

russ said...

jason>errr,not cute la.

Anonymous said...

Hi nice set of photos you have... hong kong is really a enjoyable trip to go... Anyway would lke to ask you how u put 4 or 5 photos put together as 1 photo and publish in blog..? Using which program?

Anonymous said...

you look hot dude !

you know what ? the first thing i do is to read your blog everyday before i go work kekke... keep the nice posting coming shuai ge !

russ said...

anonymous> are both anonymous the same person?cus e comments are given ard the same time.anyway i dunno how to publish 4-5 pics at a time,i upload it one by one.

thanks for taking the time to read my blog b4 u go work..and no i am not hot nor shuai la.but i am flattered anyway.thanks.hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi i mean is like how u combining 5 photos into one like the 19th photos that u post in ur hong kong trip post.? the one u take with a few cartoon characters in disneyland.

russ said...

anonymous>oic....hmmm i use picasa..u can download it and make collage of pics u want.

Anonymous said...

small world. didnt know u know winson and ryan :)

Anonymous said...

ben!! u look very good in all your hong kong pictures!! did u groom yr eyebrows? u look damn good man!!! i really luv all your pictures!!

i luv stuffs you bought too!! why u always get all the good stuffs!! so jealous!! slap!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahah i noticed that all ur pics u take are all the right profile of the face. love ur blog too:)

russ said...

anonymous>u are?

mz>haha slap!come with us next time k?then we party with green and all!

anonymous>yeah,thanks for the love of this blog:) its nice to know:D

jeremy said...

hurhur..nope..but its about more than 1 year..lets just hope december comes early =)

russ said...

jeremy>awww..cheer up alright?time is passing real fast!