Sunday, December 28, 2008

black and white christmas

the theme was black & white this christmas...

it was decided by Jem- the santa baby.

the drop dead gorgeous birthday boy!

flaunting the beautiful hand made card made by duncan..

christmas is always extra special cus my bestie jem's birthday happens to fall on e same day.

and i really mean bestie...the one that stood by me all these years.

the one that went thru the ups and downs with me.

the one that i'll be there for no matter what happens to him or what he did.

and yeah my buddy since school days and the ever mr popular!

anw we had a christmasy dinner just b4 we head out to party.

my val lookin extremely sexaye that night.


i am trying to do up this entry at a superhuman speed.

hence i am simply dumping all e pictures.

christmas was a inconceivable can it not be...when i spend it with my best mates.

i hope everyone had a mind-blowing christmas too.
one more christmas dinner to go tonight and i'll be done for 08

I AM GOING TO HK TMR.....NO ACTUALLY IN A FEW HOURS.YES!( quote from the gorgeous ms dawn yang)

i am out.


Popthemusicdrug said...

dx thanks for being with me all these yrs. really. i cant imagine life without u.

uur entry made me teared!

Popthemusicdrug said...

and i really like ur new header (:

Kel Kel said...

safe trips GO and back ya...n belated merry christmas...:)

russ said...

ptmd>of cus my dx!

kelkel> thanks alot mate:)belated merry xmas too!

Euphe. said...

how was your hk trip? is it 'that' cold? according to the weather forcast, 14'C?
im heading there nxt sat, so thought id pop by for some insight.

do update abt yr trip.

russ said...

Euphemia >yeah its pretty cold,so rem to bring enough clothes.dont catch a cold alright?anw i have uploaded pics of my hk trips,heaps of it.oh well,enjoy ur hk trip!!come back with lotsa pics too!