Thursday, December 11, 2008

ready set glo

well,it was READY SET GLO party with steve aoki last weekends @ ZOUK!

it was a blast cept i wished i wore a mre colourful outfit.

here are the pictures!
steve aoki doing his thang...

and yeah...he was formidable that night....





next up is ..........ZOUK OUT !!

its one of those parties that i think is gonna blast the shit outta me.

then it will be christmas dinners and parties.

wheeeeee!i love dec:)


Popthemusicdrug said...

totally love dec month too. yeah i cant belive i wont be in HK with u guys this time round :(

but theres always xmas to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

I totally love December too!
After Christmas, there's NYE to look forward to!

Razlan said...

Two comments:
1) You always club in colourful clothes, hor? Hehe
2) My god, your tongue is so long!

russ said...

ptmd>yup..ur big bday bash!!

waffle>yeah i am so looking forward to NYE party too!

razlan>i like it long?i dunno man.

Rex said...

party king! enjoy zoukout! =)
your tongue is freakin long... !! haha~ can reach your nose?

russ said...

anonymous>i wanted to publish ur comment,but accidentally delete it,u can type e exact same thing again if u wanna.anw..if u think just because i showed some party pictures in my blog,it means i have NO LIFE.go get a fuckin life! i dont see why ur life is any better.u dont have much of a life too right?haha,just sitting in front of ur pc reading my blog,then start saying bitchy stuff?thats what u call 'got a life'.if u think by saying nasty stuff on ppl's blog makes u feel better,i think thats pathetic.can i ask on what grounds do u say i am getting money from my family?listen to me....go mind ur own life and stop trying to assume what my life is like.

rex>erm its long and flexible BUT it cant reach my nose la...thats so difficult.yes i'll be at zouk out of cus.

Rex said...

I'm not able to go zoukout this time. plan change, haha~ shopping spree instead =D

duncan said...

i love dec too .. my b day .. miu miu b day .. zouk out and our hk trip soon !!!!! wheeeeeeeeeee

russ said...

rex>u should go zouk out man.its gona be fun.but i hope u get some gd buys from shopping too.sorry was away from e laptop just now.

duncan>yes 3 of my besties bday this not to like this mth!

serena said...

I love Dec too!!! It's also my month leh!!! Haha... Am i one of ur besties too?

Though I'm not a club person... But I think I can dig somewhere to go during Christmas Eve for countdown!

Kenneth said...

i got to agree with Razlan & Rex.. owis tot ur tongue is long. and u works them so well when u taking pic haha weird~
ur tongue cant reach ur nose ar, ever tried ur elbow? LOL

anyway, FYI both the glamour & rolling stone mag that features Britney on cover can be found in local bookstore like Harris alr.

Xmas Xmas. Heard that this year Santas will be damn busy. lol

hmm.. enjoy urself @ the Zoukout den!

PESH said...


Anonymous said...

Kaoz. must agreed tat ya do have v long tongue! No wonder those gals enjoy your kisses! oops! Envy them!


russ said...

serena>oh ya..u are a dec baby too!so many special pp's bday this mth!

kenneth>ha.i doubt anyone can reach e elbow!haha...yeah zouk out is's ur xmas shopping doing man?are ppl gonna get 'circus' for xmas gifts?haha

pesh>thanks alot sweets:)

anonymous>maybe they actually dont enjoy em.ha