Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i guess most singaporeans would be alil unfamiliar with pluto magazine.

oh well..its a gay mag,and i have been asked to appear on its cover with my co-star mike.

well,i struggled with e idea for e longest time but finally agreed to do it because the movie that we did ' the spirit compendium' do touch on a tiny bit of gay issues and pluto is afterall a international magazines that is available in all major bookstores and newspaper stands in hk/taiwan/china/bangkok(which the director felt its a gd platform to sell the movie overseas)

the fact that the past actors that appeared on pluto mag cover also consist of straight heterosexual actors also kinda assured us.

and yes..i refused to do the underwear shoots.haha.

here's pics...

pics taken during the photoshoot.

this issue also has my bestie daryl in it for keluar baris(homecoming)
now pics of the mag...
i did not put the full interview pictures in..cus i reckon pluto will be quite unhappy with me if i put the full interview and pictures all on the blog.

thus,there are more fresh 'extras pics/interviews ' when u purchase the mag.

or u can view a preview of the magazine online..even past issues too.


u can purchase all past issues online too.....for those 'love of siam' fanatics.

i dont think u have to be gay to own this mag.

so go get one if u havent:)

dont be a homophobic,cus its nice alright?:) oh and it was great fun working with the nice peeps from pluto.

heres the youtube video.... (yea u can hear me singing @ the background,yes laugh some more! )


Anonymous said...

Nice photo set. :)

Popthemusicdrug said...

looking all kinds of cute in the magazine :P

im sure the girls loves u as much as the boys ..

& the women as much as the men!

lcfu said...

would certainly get a pluto when i head down to singapore,
love of siam is a nice movie! the song is so good as well!

chasey said...

u deserve all the support you can get.

and no one should put you down



russ said...


ptmd>i just need love from someone..:P

lcfu>actually the mag is not available in sg,prob gotta get it online or in hk/tpe/bkk.anyway thanks for dropping by:)

chasey>thanks for the support and encouragement sweets!

duncan said...

i agree .. no matter what happens u will always have us ... dun have to be affected over any feedbacks or critics over u .. u r just being professional in ur job ... and i simply love how u work on ur shoot .. and the outcome is fabulous !

iVy said...

new ard here..anw jus wan sae u'll find love sure!cheers ^^

Anonymous said...

L! okay~ saw this before le... but ya... you lost quite a fair bit of weight since then till now! haha... i think its a good thing... =)


russ said...

duncan>yeah afterall it was fun wking with e peeps from pluto.

ivy>thanks for dropping by:)nice to know that there are new readers coming in!

hj>ha yeah my face looks very fat in pluto right.


PESH said...

Cute shots! And OOOMMMMGGGG for the previous collaborations' entry! I'm so gonna die for Marc Jacobs and stephen sprouse! though not a very big fan of LV. I've had 2 entries on tht, That collection really blasted my mind totally! Heart Marc man!
Hope you well (:

russ said...

pesh>hey how are u babe!havent been seeing ur comments for awhile.just checked out ur entries on MJ and stephen sprouse,nice!agyness deyn looks smokin hot!so are ur party pics:)

Anonymous said...

hey! hey!
where can i watch the show you acted in?

russ said...

anonymous>get the dvd...from either dvd rental shop or purchase it from ts etc.

Rex said...

hey yo! happy CNY man!
hmm... I saw this magazine last time when I shop at somewhere near honglim park with my sister. u look cool in the pic! =)

serena said...

Haha... You are a BOY to me! Im sure u can find ur true love from GIRLS! If not... I LOVE YOU LO!!!
MUAHAHAHA!!! Your singing is not that bad la... Even I did laugh while i heard ur singing... LOL! =)

Hope you've enjoyed ur new year ya? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HUAT AH!!!

russ said...

rex>oh u saw it?hmm yeah i heard some places in sg sells it,just not sure where.

serena>haha stop laughing.anyway yes,love from a special gal:P thanks for being so sweet!happy cny!

YY said...

hi ben,found your blog in a forum,u look really cute n friendly.

can xchange msn?

russ said...

yy>u can msg me in my friendster:)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm jealous.

russ said...

jeffrey>jealous of?