Sunday, February 1, 2009

A typical day with the chipmunks.

Its one of those typical weekdays where i meet up with my two besties....

yeah its almost like a standard routine for me all these years,its like a bonding day.ha.

sherlyn is clearly missing in the picture cus of work but this pic is for her.

she calls us the chipmunks!

so cut to the's pics.

we had our brunch at canele.

i always find the interior of canele too sissy shit.but heck !i heart their toothsome desserts.
besides their delectable macarons and desserts...their sandwiches is absolutely sex.

my gal valerie joined us @ the later part of the day.

yes the shopping part...

a perfect pic that represents chocolatepistol.

mr chocolate man playing with his pistol me,this pistol is toooo small to be mine.

no pun intended:P

the tshirt says it all

enough of frolicking and takin silly pictures @ e youth park.

for those who have been asking me where to buy orginalfake stuff in sg...

u can actually get it @ ambush.

its beeen around for a long time already,but for the benefit of those who's e addy

119 Devonshire Road
Singapore 239881
+65 7322744

they carry other hot stuff from jeremy scott,house of holland etc.

for all that....Ambush should just pay me with more freebies

starbucks is our standard hot spot.

this is the time where we talk abt anything under e sun.

and played with ark's nintendo DS....

val lost the game and should buy us muffins,but it didnt happen!tsk!

oh i am contemplating to get Nintendo DSi...yes no?

oh i also made some happy purchases at the club21 ishop

i'm a elated owner of two new be@rbricks.

yeah...more addition to my family of be@rbricks

all in a surpassingly cheap price tag:)wheee!

the be@bricks and myself would like to wish everyone a happy cny! :D

thats a typical day with e 'chipmunks. '

mundane like other singaporean boys.

time to head church with my folks.

i think everyone should cut down on the cny goodies,cus even a strong and virile man like me is succumbing to fallin sick:(

i snack too much.


(yes i know my pose is so wtf)


duncan said...

i love the bearbricks .. so nice ! ..

chipmunks forever ! wheeeee..

PESH said...

HAHA cute la! (:

Popthemusicdrug said...

bang bang chocolate pistol hehe

e bearbricks are such a steal and have to have it in a set to look nice!!

canele and chipmunks soon! hahahah

Anonymous said...

oh ben,you attend church?i've ever asked myself about soul problems and i truely believe soul mates exit.hoho

Anonymous said...

Hey! Apart from the red and green ones, you have a blue one too! Ha ha cool! :D

Btw, happy niu year (:

russ said...


pesh>bearbricks or me?haha,ok i will say thanks on their behalf.

ptmd>yeah its a gd thing i got a set instead of just one.

almos>yeah solu mates def exist.anw its nice to go church when u face problems too,somehow god will make a way when there seems to be no way:)

anonymous>yeah!haha...and other colours actually.

Popthemusicdrug said...

i jus realised im cropped on the first pic!

anws, ur bank account must be deflated from the ambush shopping!

Anonymous said...

nice set of pictures from u again :) btw nice hoody. what brand is that?

russ said...

ptmd>would u rather i put the original pic up?

yeah...big time..i need mre sponsors from originalfake:(

anonymous>its actually brandless and at pretty resonable prices...BUT not local:(

iruffcookiedough said...

you guys have the best color coordinations. absolutely nice!!! wish i was there, but nah, it's for the three of you guys. hehe.

russ said...

cookie>thanks mong an!see u this sat at leo's? lets get colourful yea?

Rex said...

hmm... best brotherhood. i miss my buddies. grr...
the food looks so delicious eh...

Anonymous said...

You ar really cute,got gf?

russ said...

rex>yeah food is gd!how long ahve u been away from home?

anonymous>thanks:) are u plannng to matchmake me?ha...thanks but no thanks:D

Rex said...

one week ben. but all of us (i mean my buddies) now separate all over the world man. hk russia korea... gosh... feel so 孤单 here in sg. hmmm

p.s said...

hi. just happen to pass by ur blog. happen to notice that you love to take photos from the right sidde of ya face. hah!

russ said...

p.s>yeah,guess i am used to it.:)

Anonymous said...

i read your site again today,i think i've been falling love with your site already because of its good looking~hihihi

Anonymous said...

chipmunks??!!! nice description on ya guys!!!

Btw, which starbucks ya guys hangout? Why never spot the star n cuties before? :(

russ said...

alma>thanks sweetie pie...thanks for makin my day:)i am glad u like this site,i will update more yea:)

anonymous>thanks sweets.hmm i usually go to the starbucks outside pacific plaza.

lcfu said...

hihihi now i know where to get those originalfake stuff in sg =) thanks!! lol

Anonymous said...

that's quite a new outlet. shall spot u guys sometime. :p