Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sneakers Fetish

Festish comes in 5 different forms of role playing this time.

1-vans showed a variety of special collaborations for Fall 2009 at BRIGHT in Frankfurt, Germany. One of the standout “packs” comes from work with Holland artist, Parra. The collection is proper - Parra himself has been skating since his youth and was a sponsored skater in his teenage years. The shoe collection features Parra’s signature work against three Vans’ canvases

2-next up,as part of his spring/summer 2009 collection, marc jacobs presents a hi top sneaker,coming with white leather uppers and a “drawing” design all-over.

3-the NRJ Music Awards, one of Europe’s biggest music events, are taking place again this month. For the 10th edition of the award ceremony Nike has produced two special Dunk Hi. Unlike most of these releases, these Dunk Hi’s will not only be given to people participating in the awards, but will also be made available for purchase soon on the NRJ website and at other stores.

They produced two colorways of the Dunk Hi - one is coming with a metallic silver and multiple colors on the upper, the other one is coming with metallic gold and other strong colors on the upper.

4-French boutique RZO has gotten together with reebok to collaborate on the ERS 5000. Entitled “Gold Marilyn Monroe” the sneaker features a gold croc skin upper, mixed with several pastel colors on the sole and the other parts of the sneaker

The RZO x Reebok ERS 2000 will be released on February 7th, limited to 200 pieces.

a first look at the adidas Consortium Spring 2009 collection. Several styles come in special make-ups and with interesting patterns.

kenya west help inject some youthful kick into the collection with the tomato red trainers designed by himself in his first collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

the above are e top 5 picks from urs truly.



fufu said...

i like vans =)

russ said...

fufu>yeah they are very comfy indeed:) heart em too.

fufu said...

wish i could go to germany this coming october so i could attend the bright tradeshow in frankfurt =D

Popthemusicdrug said...

time to burn a hole in our pockets...

love the selection and how everything you touches turns to gold :P

Anonymous said...

i like fashinable people^^;

russ said...

fufu>i hope u can go too,then take lotsa nice pics k photographer boy...and upload em in ur blog!

ptmd>yeah i can imagine our coming shopping trip,ha.

alma>i like fashionable ppl too:)

duncan said...

my vote goes to kenya west collaboration with Louis Vuitton. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi russ, where did you get the updates from all these labels?

Mind sharing? :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tomato red shoes. so pretty.

im lurvin' it.


russ said...

duncan>yeah thats my fav too!

anonymous>i dont get updates...its mainly from surfing ard various websites when i do my online shopping.

vv>those shoes damn kickass right!totally rawk my socks off,loving it!

Anonymous said...

I got L fetish laaaa... damn! haha! eh your shoe size same as mine not? then we can trade shoes.. haha...(oopsss... you got fetish for old BUT NICE shoes ma?)

HJ (i miss L) muhahhha!