Monday, November 9, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana Party

pardon my late entry.

most pics are up in Duncan's cept those in pierre's here's e rest of the photos.

yes its the Dolce & Gabbana Party.

being major fans of Dolce & Gabbana...we were a happy bunch at the party of cus.

its huge!

special thanks to e uber sweet wenhan:)

it was def a nite of champagne overload.

pierre was extremely wasted but everyone had fun.

as promised...halloween pictures up soon!


Han said...

wow, din know you were at the party.looks like you are certainly 'somebody' cos not 'everyone' gets invited. is it that same event that Nat Ho was invited too...hmmm.....

Anonymous said...

Looking cool as always :)
btw u change ur cam ? where's the clourful cam u have ?


russ said...

han>huh..quite alot of peeps were there so i dont think i'm 'sombody'.anw yeah nat was there too.

j.t>thanks sweets.oh i didnt change my cam,but was using pierre's cam that day.

Han said...

Nobody Nobody invite me lei... so, I am not a peep nor somebody, you certainly have loads of fun during Halloween....thatz probably the youth and exuberance of life...which I missed.
BTW, you are in your mid 20s? yeah?

russ said...

han>yeah getting old.but honestly age is all in ur mind.nobody's too old for anything.

and u are definitely not a nobody just becus u dont go to some parties yea?

Han said...

aiyah, i am certainly nobody cos nobody never goes to parties or get invited to big events mah...maybe, when you invite me as a guest, i can then be somebody ...haha
yes, age is in the mind ..but when one ages, you can feel the 'ageing' process within me, i hv been thru it...sob.