Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wrap me in a bow!

Some solid new pieces are coming from the BBC/Ice Cream Fall Collection.

The drop this weekend includes two shirts, a two-tone one and a striped one, both coming with the jet emblem on the chest.

Furthermore they present the Heart & Mind bow-tie, following up on previous releases with the artwork.


Han said...

nice clothes and accessories.
wonder if it costs a 'bomb'?

hey, you mentioned abt massages.
any good recommendations?

russ said...

han>its not exactly cheap....

hmm i havent any massages that i think is gd enuff for me to recommend it..at least not in sg:(

fufu said...

bow tie... it doesnt match me ><

Han said...

Would have guessed so - branded goods, can't be 'cheap'.

hey, i heard this nice song at a wedding function today...tot i share with you ...[you raise me up]


russ said...

fufu>ha why not?

han>yea i've heard it b4..nice. :)