Thursday, December 20, 2007

HK...i'm loving it.

I kn i'm like e last person to upload the hongkong pictures,my bad.

anw hk blow up my shoes anytime,it was a total blast

here are the pictures....

i grouped the pictures into 4 parts.....

the total damage

my fav groceries shopping too....

-2 FOOD!!!!

the hungry souls

agnes b cafe,very appetizing indeed

erm ok not all kitchens in hk looked like this...

my votes goes out to simply life bakery cafe

glutton in action

not forgeting the toothsome desserts that brad got me.slurrrp

mr b posing with e food
but nothing beats homecook food....

prepared by adrian's lovely parents.
a warm and nice family who dotes on me and i truly adore:)


pledge of love..........:p

e other two photographers for that day-adrian and jesse


whiter than snow party-organised by adrian

thats all folks...
gonna miss hell lotsa nice peeps in hk.....
ruggy bids goodbye

i was trying to force him to pose for e camera.awww isnt he cute.

I'm lovin' it HONGKONG!


Philix said...

Great sightseeing photos. Love them =)

hui-en said...

i thot i could be the 1st!finally upload your hk photos,very nice!i feel like going hk oso!

ah gong said...

Last to upload also better than no upload rite?

hey, anyway.. eh... gt a qns to ask u, u like Fann Wong issit? if so, den guess we have another common idol liao.. haha.. been her fans for abt 11+yrs though.

duncan said...

i like the sight seeing photos most .. really looks cool wher is it at ???

russ said...

phil>thanks:)glad u like em.

huien>yea,go hk..its fun!

ah gong>yeah...pretty much.she's not bad.


Mooks said...

dx how can u party w/o us.
eh jus because u are in love doesnt gives u this right ok.


lucky person that is!

Rex said...

yoyo~ argh... after duncan blog noow yours... erm... i wanna go HK~
argh.... i better study hard and complete my degree then go travel around~ haha!?

~~pris~~ said...

waaahhh!!!seems so fun!betcha u enjoyed yourself alot!i went hk 4 years ago,but i find it a bit boring,not so nice to shop.maybe i should go again!

princess X said...

i am lovin your blog too russ.*wink*

russ said...

mooks>u guys left earlier what,u should have stayed with me!

rex>yeah,since u speak cantonese,its even easier for u to move ard in hk.
work hard for ur exams!

pris>u should!and yes it was enjoyable.

princess x>woohoo.thanks:)

ah gong said...

Looks like you are good in making choices. So which country you want to 'conquer' next? haha...

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Genghis said...

Hi RUss!
very nice post, always looking forward to your next exciting post bro

jessicahong said...

Wow. You bought a lot of stuffs huh! Bring me to HK as well! Ha.

Anonymous said...

vivian- are u still selling your prada phone?