Wednesday, December 26, 2007

neon christmas part 2


i love u cus u've been the uber coolest funniest bestie i could find

i love u cus u always managed to make everyone ard u happy and smiley

i love u cus not much ppl understands me like u do.

i love u cus nobody thinks e same way as we do:P

i love u cus u have been my buddy since secondary sch!

i love u cus u're always e first person i call when i broke up with my galfrd.

i love u cus we can get drunk tog.

i love u cus we went thru hell in army bmt tog.

i love u cus u are closer than a brother can be.

i love u cus u hold e best party!

its christmas and ur kickass NEON birthday bash!
check out our NEON straws!

NEON cupcakes baked by duncan!

and our exlusive NEON passes:)

after more rounds of drinks.....

eevrone's wasted!

darn...i've got a series of shitfaced pictures in i dunno whose cameras.

fyi...there were like at least 6 cameras that night.

more than 500 pictures in total.

but ultimately,everyone had fun....

duncan's tshirt says it all



Mooks said...

hi DX!!

haha ! damn i look so different la.

i saw the first pic . very shocking.

AND YES, glad u had fun.

and serioulsy , no one thinks the way we do hahahhahahha :P

More xmas and birthdays to come ok (:

duncan said...

yeah man ! i got alot of shitfaced photos too ! but most impt is everyone had fun ! hope u too dx miu !!! when is our next party !!!

distantpromise said...

merri xmas boy!looks like someone had a lot of fun!so when can i drink with u???i think u look cute with a red face!wahaha.

Rex said...

very cool party!?
especially duncan shirt... birthday boi name sia~

djbeam said...

cute boy nice jacket, from where? :)

Lex said...

nice party.Buti think u should stop drinking so much.

Anonymous said...

u and jeremy same sec sch and same army team?
thats so lucky?!?
then how u know duncan?
dun tell me its the same way

h a m said...

poser! haha. I blog hopped into your blog and wow, so many pictures.


Anonymous said...

u know ed? haha