Saturday, December 1, 2007

shanghai knight part 2

woohoo...i'm finally back from shanghai.miss sg and my loves so much.

there are so much things i wanna blog...but i'm lazy.

i wanted to give a detailed introduction abt all the lil destinations for this trip but i really dont have e time to sit down for hours and's a quickie!

i'll let the pictures do e talking!

day 1
dont we all love to snap pics of ppl sleeping.evil fel!

dont believe my expressions.i hate xiaolongpaos.

see this cute old couple taking pictures.romantic heh.


i hope i can find someone that i can spend my life with and do just that!:(

day 2

yao ming makes me look like a dwarf.damn

i need to stand with somoene shorter-ex mr kidman.

rock star wannabe

i heart my sultry angelina j.brad is one lucky dude ben becomes one of madame tussauds

day 3

' so called delicacies' of emperor qianlong

i think is crap

china food just isnt my thing.
but i have to admit they have beautiful sceneries...

love the fact that shanghai is a cosmopolitan country.

famous for their hairy crabs...but i 'm so not a fan of seafood.

dearest dad and mum!
day 4
Longjin tea plantation

day 5

fel refuses to let me camwhore.

thats her tiny hand.

Taihu Lake film and tv studio-the earliest movie and tv programme production base in china.

spot the number of mistakes:P

me and my lil sister-the baby!

the king:)

day 6

day 7

i stayed at scholar hotel,i think its one of those boutique hotels thingy.they even have chinese novals in e room...

but u guessed it.i dont read.

cabs are cheap but its difficult to get one during peak hours....unless u snatch ppl's cab erm which i did.

day 8

did some last min shopping b4 i head back to singapore!

quite a crazy amt of pictures heh.

i need to catch more sleep.

miss my bed big time!toodles!


JORDUS BINGJIE, 18 said...

Hey, still letting go of your phone? (:

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Finally you're back!!!! Miss ya like hell!!!! So did you manage to shop something for me?! My bday is coming!!! I'll be sad if you've nothing for me... =(

Haha... Just kidding nia... From the photos I see.. I'm damn sure that you've enjoyed your trip very much!!! Hope I can go Shanghai for my next vacation! Haven been there before... =)

ah gong said...

Welcome back to ur Sweet Hometown!

It Britney Birthday today(2Dec).. haha..

Hey, I saw the new episode of ANTM and guess what, they went to Shanghai for photoshoot of course, TYRA was over there too.

well, went to Dbl0 today and my cousin dedicate Gimme More for me.

haha... first time listening it in a club and it really feels so good. hehe...

Shanghai is a beautiful place to be but same for me, the food over there is just isnt my types too.

Rex said...

ya~~~germie back~ haha! welcome home. sure you enjoy your trip right? =)
hope i can go travel alone after graduate from my uni. =)

christmas coming boss~ go where celebrate?

rtt said...

hey.are u from smu too?

duncan said...

heyheyhey DX MIU !! u r back finally miss ya loads loads too ... the long awaiting post is back !!! hahaha anyway wah .. its a long post of pictures .. hmmm which should i comment first .. yup yup .. i'm not a big fan of china food too lol .. too oily and salty for me .. but they still have some nice food around anyway ... my fav part is the pics u took at madame tussauds s o interesting !!!! haha last but no least its so bad to spot their english translations but i do have prob understanding them when i was in beijing too lol .. anyway ... really glad that u r back !!! great to know u had fun la ... =)

russ said...

jordus>hey sorry i've been takin so long.yeah still selling.wats ur email again?

serena>feels good to be missed,hee.i miss u too.oh i am going hk in few days time,maybe hk will have nicer pressies.shanghai is not too bad...u should visit soon!

ahgong>happy bday brit!oh i wanted to get the antm dvds.but couldnt find.yes gimme more sounds nice especially in clubs,but i prefer e original.not too much remixes.

rex>thanks rex for ur welcome.feels good to be back.but i 'm leaving aagin soon:( plans for christmas yet,but i'm sure its gonna be fun.its e season of love!

rtt>nope.are u?

duncan>miss u and the rest big time too!yes,the food is damn salty and oily,ew.lets go for a good dinner tmr!

JORDUS BINGJIE, 18 said... (:

Rex said...

what next? western country? =p

Jean said...

Bring some nice pics from hongkong when you're back. Enjoy the trip :)

PESH said...

pack me, pack me! into your luggage! fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL!

ah gong said...

ANTM gt dvd meh? I dun think so leh... nv really heard of it though..

u so rich sia, go hk so soon... i go phuket and BKK alr broke liao. so where is ur next trip?

But anyway, have a nice trip and are u going to visit the Madame Tussauds at Hongkong too? :P

Find one day, I want to go New York and see Brit Brit wax figure. Her figure over there has a moving chest and her heartbeat beat faster when a fast song is playing... damn funny lor.. v=c4T42sB2-hM

ethel said...

hello. you're back already! hahaha.

guessed you've enjoyed yourself ba. =DD. anw,time flies man. christmas is round d corner liao.

rtt said...

haha yes. i am. i saw your friend dpan in school before. heh =D

distantpromise said...

still the cutest boy!

Anonymous said...

did u go heeren yesterday?

Mooks said...
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Mooks said...

im sure this is jus but a preview of whats to come in HK (:

JESSICA said...

hey. your trip seems so fun! i wanna go there...! Ha.

JORDUS BINGJIE, 18 said...

Could you just contact me straight at my mobile,
90122629 (:

Anonymous said...

interesting blog but u should update more!

~~pris~~ said...

why u dont like xiao long pao??!!nice mah!

Anonymous said...

ben went HK for 8days man.
envy envy..