Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my two loves-sherlyn and duncan

ok i am back!there's so much things i wanna blog...

-my sister's ROM

-the hk trip

-my new date

-my favourite porn(videos included)

darn..but wats new...not enough time as usual.i think i havent had a gd sleep e last couple of days.

hmmmm where should i start.... just to clarify a lil,i was only joking abt the last two topics to blog:P

b4 i start on my sister's ROM or hk trip...i had to wish my two dearest pals....happy birthday!

-To one of the two most important ppl in my life.....

HAPPY BDAY to my honey coated babe SHERLYN!

thanx for always doing all e dirty job(bookin tix,checkin hotels,picking up my stupid calls to ask abt directions)

thanx for always being there for me

thanx for being e best frd u can be

thanx for e awesome company all e time

thanx for always being so sweet to me

thanx for being e best listening ear

thanks for makin me look younger beside u.haha.(thats a joke)

thanx for the best 10 years of friendship!

next up....HAPPY BDAY to my rumoured brokeback buddy duncan!

u rawk as my best bud

u rawk for always being there when i need u

u rawk for always takin my shit,despite whatever i did

u rawk for being e sweetest mate alive

u rawk cus i know i can count on u no matter what happens

u rawk cus we went thru everything tog

u rawk cus u know i can trust everything u say

u rawk for e awesome 8 yrs of friendship!

i cant imagine my life without e two of u......

u guys rawk my life big time.

ok,i also heard a new rumour from some 'frds' and i would also like to clarify this once and for all....(for e sake of peeps who are interested in duncan )

to those fags who goes ard telling ppl and assuming duncan is my loverboy.Eew.well sorry but he is NOT.thats freakin disgusting.he is my bud and thats it.period.

since i am on this...i thought maybe i should just share this too...

i received some weird sms when i was in hk from strangers...claiming that i was talking to em and agreeing to meet up for prob some hanky panky shit.

apparently,that impostor gave my friendster link and also my mobile number

i have no idea what this stinking rassole is up to and i have no wish to know wats inside this moron's numbskull.he obviously might kn me since he has my number.

that being said...i pity those 'strangers' who fall victims to this asshole who jerked ard with em.

just wanna say this to that douche who is trying to sabotage me...
the reason i 've decided to bring this up is simply to warn anyone who has seen my photos in any sleazy websites,talked to 'me' in any chat rooms,any other friendster accounts cept the one on my blog...u are prob talking to a fake.

i would like to end this entry with a gd note.....

i will be updating photos of my beloved sister's ROM.

love makes everything beautiful isnt it.

i got this guts feeling that i am fallin madly in love soon.haha

tell me i am right..:P

time to shop for christmas gifts for ur love ones!


Mooks said...

hello dx ooi i look chui . lol

finally u are back in bloggin action.
and yes u jus might be in love soon dx.

Lucky whoever its gonna be. (:

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Hey! You're back!

In fact I've already saw you online in MSN ytd! Just that didn't want to disturb you cos you might be busy blogging and uploading ur HK pictures to your comp! I'm damn sure that you've enjoyed yourself in HK... HK is also my 2nd home!

Just simply ignore those stupid idiots who had sabotage you during your trip... They just had nothing better to do... Yup yup.. If is me, I think I'll just pick up the call and give them a good trashing! =)

Catch up and meet up soon!


distantpromise said...

nice to have u back with us,looking cute and happy ah.

dont be bothered by those childish ppl who got nothing better to do k?

what u doing for xmas?

PESH said...

omg! i wonder why but i love this entry! coolness.

ah gong said...

brokeback mountain sg version? haha... just ignore those stupid thing la.. maybe the most impt thing is to check how they gt ur number. Its kind of irritating receiving these kind of calls or msgs when you are so enjoying ur holiday right? can understand.


am so excited tt u are back coz finally someone can share my joy. Wonder if u read my previous post about Brit brit new video. BRITNEY IS BACK YALL!

US Version
http://youtube.com/watch?v= 89oS4SN4mNg

International Version
http://youtube.com/watch?v= yzGOqarQHtU

there is 2version anyway...

looking forward to ur new entries, so many ppl are so excited about tt here.

Ced said...

Heck them la! you rock! Update pics on your sis rom. weddings are always so wow! =) and finally u are back! welcome dude.. Christmas is here. celebrate and be merry!

Rex said...

oh man..we have same problem dude.. someone using my photo in msn and asking girl to pla cam sex with him! bloody hell.. my friends call me from malaysia inform me about this while i am working... it's really bad sia... but you more worse than me as they hav your number.. lol...
anyway.. how is your HK trip? =)

duncan said...

gawwwwwwwwww so swweeeet of u dx miu .. yup .. we are buddy but not brokeback buddy lol !!!!

ah gong said...

Another Spears baby is reportedly on the way - and it's not Britney's!!!

Its her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. hmm... she is only 16 for your information...

djbeam said...

looking hot russ cutie =)

jess said...

sunshine boi,u looking more and more dark leh!are u & ur friends clothes always this colourful?

~~pris~~ said...

finally back in action!miss all your blogging,especially this new entry!write more!

Anonymous said...

Dude, are you gay or are you gay? =)

russ said...

mooks> u dont look chui can...look cute as usual

serena>yes finally back...been alil busy.lets chat in msn real soon alright.

merry christmas in advance...in case i dont see u on msn these couple of days

distantpromise>prob church and dinner.but i guess i will be partying on christmas eve.

pesh>good to know u like this entry:)merry christmas babe!

russ said...

ah gong>hey,yeah i checkout e video when i got back.awesome isnt it!i prefer this video as compared to gimme more.anw.my hk pics are up:)

ced>yeah a bunch of losers.gonna club on christmas eve i guess.u?

rex>quite irritating heh to have all these.hope that gal didnt got trick into doing anything on webcam.hk trip is awesome!

duncan>yes bud!

russ said...

ah gong>oh ya i heard abt it..too young to b a mum right?should use protection:P


jess>getting darker?but i get fair real fast too.

pris>thanks alot pris..shall do that:)


jeremy said...

hey hey..u sound like ure having fun..anyway merry christmas..have to go back camp and stay in camp so guess wun see u online so often as i can only come back on weekends =(