Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ben is no project superstar

i know the film may not be everyone's cup of tea.

i am kinda worried abt the feedbacks.

but pls cut me some slack alright?

its afterall the director's first feature film

its also my first time acting in one(yes i still got lotsa first times)

its not easy makin a movie in singapore especially with the tight budget,so it'll be nice if u guys can give us some credit for e hardwork at least?

its only a simple local with a open mind and u might just see the magic in it:)

meanwhile i was also asked to sing the theme song for e movie.

for those who already know....singing has never been my forte.

but since is for e movie,i thought i'll just do it.

i am pretty embarrassed abt my own singing and i do cringe when i listened to it at first,but hey...since the producer has put the video on youtube....why not on my blog no?

so's the

youtube of me singing the theme song.

the director also uploaded another strange video of me eating hotdog buns.

its actually me testing out the candle look-alike hot-dog sausages(seen in e movie for e dead).

i think i do look a lil different watching the video clips.

my hair was black and short and i look scrawny somehow in e first video(months ago).Not that i am some muscle shit now..but its just somewhat diff(second video-now)

anyhow...since we dont exactly have a extravagant budget,i have to do my part in promoting e movie in my blog.ha.

we are opening new halls @ cathay (cine's cathay too)on further dates....but i 'll update u guys where to book the tix from in my later entries.

enough of shameless publicity...

i need to hit the sheets real soon.

meanwhile....pls cut me some slack on e singing!pretty pls!nice comments are sincerely appreciated, nasty comments will of cus be deleted :P

-my frds claim that i sound better in ktv :P
- oh it also takes awhile for e song to grow in listen to it a few more times.haha


Rex said...

miao~ support again!
the second video really don't know what is it about sia... watch it many time but can't get what mean in it =="
but your smile cool~ haha! all e best ben ben

duncan said...

hello OU XIANG !!

dun worry u will sure have all our support k ! if not u have me too !!!

dun worry or affected over what ppl will or had said .. u know what i mean ... its never ending .. be confident of urself n im sure ur movie will be a success and hit as well .. well at least in our eyes ! we all know how much effort u had put in in this production , and i never seen u so serious before and seriously im really looking forward to this movie ! rem what i had said ok !! u will sure have my support no matter what happen ! this is ur first time n i believe its a goos start man ! =)

see ya this fri ! =)

russ said...

rex>its just me testing out the hotdog buns that we gave out during the blog conference...cus there was a scene in e movie where mike ate a bun-only to realise its a candle as he has become a spirit.thus...i was asked to test these hotdog buns that are made to look like candles.and somehow they record it into a video.pretty dumb actually.

duncan>thank dx miu!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you sing pretty well. at least better than me i would say.

we only can catch the movie at cathay? gv shaw and ew? no?

i cant go to the movie screening.busy working =( hope to catch you on the big screen soon!


+*+Serena+*+ said...

Saw you online in MSN ytd night... YOU ARE BACK FROM BANGKOK! I'm damn pretty sure that you enjoy yourself there ya?

Haha... It's always weird to hear songs the first time la... Esp when you're singing it... Cos I do have this kind of experience too... I actually help out a radio station in a song recording for the Sichuan earthquake months ago.. =)

Anyway... Good effort made! I'm sure you're also working hard to improve yourself ya? Jia you! =)

Anonymous said...

Wah! who dare to bash & bitch my bro!!! *rolls up sleeve*


CasS said...

You sound not too bad!In fact quite sexy somehow,but of cus there are rooms for improvement.Lurve it!Looking forward to the movie.

IVAN said...

hey bro,

dun worry what other ppl say. there will surely be good and lousy f***-up comments. haha! But take it positively and jiayou!! dun let it affect ur nice nice smile ok. LOL! And of course, you have my fullest support man!!!

Alrights.. will not be so harsh in my review. Hee.. =) told mike kor dat too since its all your first-time. =))

looking forward to fri man! and maybe even sat?! =)) cheers.

russ said...

vv>thanks vv.its only screening at cathay and sinema @ old school.

serena>yeah i am back home in singapore:) chat with u on msn soon yeah.

ginseng>sweet bro!

cass>sexy???hmm thanks yeah:)

ivan>u are always so sweet man!thanks for all e suppport all this time,really appreciate it.yeah lets catch up mre on fri/sat!

Rex said...

u see ben~ another one say your voice sexy man~ remember i said it also last time~haha~ this mean ur voice not bad! be confidence dude. =)

Kenneth said...

dun worry, seriously u sound not bad la. At least its very pleasant to listen to. Be more confident in ur voice :)

as for those criticism, what i can say is take those u think will do u good seriously and improve on it. and for those who basically doing personal attacks, heck care it.

Jeffrey Yau said...

Hello Bro,

It's a pity that i can't watch the preview this friday as the tickets fully sold ...... :( But you will have my support man!!!

Dun worry too much lah, just be confident in yourself and if u think u can u sure can make it man!!! I am sure ur movie will be a success and hit!

All the best to you !!!

Cheers :)


Popthemusicdrug said...

ignore the haters in the damn forum la.

they need to get a life le , really.

if theres nothin good to say , then don say!

Anonymous said...

we will support you.


Anonymous said...

n the theme song is?

Anonymous said...

n the theme song is?

mama said...

see i also support u read ur blog...who has many things to say about the movie?? tell me!! venes and i go sit on them!! hahah...

can't wait for fri! see you then!

Bigem said...

then u gonna sing the theme song for "Seven spirit returns" mah? was hoping for phyllis quek to sing it. when the movie start to shoot? she still in or not?

russ said...

rex>hmmmm but i really dont think is sexy.Not at all can.its just weird to link me with sexy.but thanks anyway.

kenneth>thanks alot kenneth.if only everyone is like u man.the world will be a much happier place for everyone.

jeffrey>thanks jeff!hmm maybe u can get tix for other screenings.anw i appreciate ur wishes,its encouraging:)

ptmd>ugh yeah!

russ said...

chic>thanks chic:)

anonymous>zhu fu?

mama>mama!!!seldom leave comments eh,haha.u and venes lost so much weight lately ..sit on em also no use liao.ha.must eat more fries and beer!!heee

bigem>"Seven spirit returns" will start filming end of the year.nah,i doubt i am singing e theme song,prob phyllis like what u said.and yeah she is still in e movie.she will be my beautiful step mum in e show.

Popthemusicdrug said...

hahaha mama very funnny!!!!

Anonymous said...

which forums bashed u? i want to go read and see what they say

anyway your singing's pretty ok! but think you could have sung at a higher key?


russ said...


elliot>nah not forums...i was just worried abt reviews on e film.

JL said...

There will definitely be criticism. Even your favourite Britney and Madonna also get their fair share. So either you live with it, or just suck your thumb. If not, guess you can't really be in the show business. This is reality, babe.
See you around and good luck.

alfred. said...

Have faith in yourself!

Jaded R said...

there is a dvd available by now right?!?

anyway, the song is pretty alright. your voice is adorable and could see that u tried your best to sing....
where to download that song?? =P