Tuesday, July 1, 2008

its written BLACK & WHITE

its been yonks since i last partied.

-maybe cus work is never ending.

-maybe cus i'm actually a very domesticated boy:P

-maybe its a sign of me getting older.

anw...me and rest decided to head to e bars,get crunk and of cus take a spin in rex's new
lookin mini

the theme for that night was

yeah.....to match the wall colour.

yes...only black & white.

first up was dinnner @ house camp barracks @ dempsey with some friends.

the new food menu isnt that exciting.

maybe cus dempsey is getting a lil humdrum. *yawns*

so the essence of that night was e booze NOT food.

we envied rex for his new beautiful toy.

but he prob envied us for being able to get ourselves smashed.

yeah...he dont drink & drive:)

it took 3 bottles of champagn and some shooters to get us trashed...

thats when we get shit-faced.

and imagined oursleves to be contenders of 'so u think u can dance'

more pictures of moi only!

i shall not attempt to fool anyone of u....

yes look closer and u see jeremy's face popping up.

for ppl reading my blog for e first time,jeremy is my bestie.

we have been told we look alil alike of late.

i do admit that we do make similar funny faces sometimes.

and our hair looks a tad similar in some pics.

BUT otherwise...we are two completely different indivduals.

sad to know its alaric's last night of partying....until many months later.

have fun studyin in aus and be a gd boy eh.

the night ended with everyone abosolutely blitzed.

time to kissssssssssss good bye.

valerie rex jeremy has been awesome party mates as usual.

oh i am so looking forward to THE DARK KNIGHT aka batman.

i'm sure its gonna kick iron man's ass.

batman loves our theme:)


duncan said...

shit man !

i think i missed another big party ! sob sob .... should have joined u guys !

nevertheless the pics enough to show how much fun u guys had ...!

u n jeremy has the cutest expression of the century lol ... heheh but to me u both so diff lah ..

Popthemusicdrug said...

we miss u duncan!

Popthemusicdrug said...

hi hot stuff! alike meh?? not really le!
maybe the way we think ............ nowwwwwwwww TATS ALIKE. haha

anyway the pic of me and rex eating my finger damn chui and it looks like his tongue is really on it!

jeremy said...

wah..club,party..nah,i dont think i can do like what you do..haha..no money..NSF pay is too little

Rex said...

www... super long time never step into any other club except my working place... ewk... fun! =)

djbeam said...

cute cute cute

russ said...

duncan>oh someone mistook me for u that night!!!can u imagine???

ptmd>haha yeah..we think alike!scary!haha.

jeremy>yeah nsf is pathetic,but we all went thru it.no choice,gotta serve the nation.hmmm do u need to drink alot to get high?

rex>quite fun to be able to mix work with leisure!


Rex said...

probably... hope so =)

Anonymous said...

hey ben. where did u get the white shades from in the previous posting?

Anonymous said...

Errrr.....look so alike....can u reiterate which one is Jeremy and which one is Benjamin again?


jessicahong said...

Hey. Had been long since I last came here. Haha. You look good in the pictures. ;)

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... I saw ya article at OMY... The underwear cost 80 bucks? OMG!!! LOL!

1st August is the movie... Will definitely go and support!

PESH said...

went zoukkk last week huh! don't keep partying and be a good boy! :D

Anonymous said...

stitch is out. last friday. haha

db said...

hey , think i saw you last evening at far east with your friends........


russ said...

rex>hey bday coming soon eh!must be busy preparing..


ginseng>u of all ppl should know who is who.we dont look that alike.no?

jessica>ha..so where have u disappeared to?

russ said...

serena>hey u saw the wanpao chinese papers eh.yeah the underwear cost like 80 bucks,its from japan and i have to admit its pretty comfy.

pesh>nah wasnt at zouk.were u there?i am a homely boy:) ha

anonymous>karel?thats great!

db>hey darren...yeah was out in town with jem and duncan.should have say hi.

Rex said...

yea~ but it's a small party =)
free u can come over. =) one is at 13th Jul sun @ fishn co. andother one will be at 20th Jul @ ECP bbq~ =)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...of course i can tell u guys apart lar!! blindfolded also can smell u guys out! :)

But i did hear from other friends that u guys look v similar~ haha


jeremy said...

haha..last time no..but the life im living now i tink i need to get wasted to forget everything =x..haha..nah,i just go for fun..LOL..so what have you been doing?

Anonymous said...

u got 80bucks undies! OMG!! how comfy is it? haha from the land of the rising sun some more.

yeah the stitch is out. now its the scar. looks sexy haha .. u wanna see?

anyway u look great including ur bestie. ur twin ar? haha

karel koen

russ said...

rex>okie will let u know.will try to drop by if i can.

ginseng>oh ur frds said that too??....oh no.i dont think jeremy and myself want another twin.ha.

jeremy>hey army isnt that bad la.chill!

karel>haha..sexy scar.dont show me,show it to ur gf.yup e undies is comfy!

Anonymous said...

gf! single since. haha comfy undies. what is ur plans later? sunday man


Rex said...

yea~ still owe you one meal =)

Rex said...

no problem~ =) still owe u one meal anyway~ =p

jessicahong said...

Nahs. Didn't been to anywhere, just that my comp had been down... Ha.

Marc Chen said...

Hey Ben,

u should read this... my colleague wrote the online article..



russ said...

karel>oh being single can be great too!my sundays is usually church then home.

rex>owe me a meal?for?

jessica>gd to know that ur comp is now fixed!

marc>i cant seems to view e link.can send me the link again?