Sunday, July 27, 2008

soak up the sun

alright i am still in bangkok now
but i decided to upload some photos that hav already surfaced in my facebook.

yes..these pics are as fresh as sour milk.

here's pics of rex & myself @ cafe del mar 2 weeks back.

ok its mostly pictures of me and me only
yesyes.....self absorbed if u would call it,but its afterall my blog right.

alrighty folks,this selfabsorbed man needs to do more shopping in bkk.

i miss u peeps in singapore too!huuuggggz!
i'll update rex's bday party and dinner real sooon!happy belated bday rexy!


Rex said...

cool man~ i want to go travel also~!? haha~ both rex birthday in e same month =)

Kenneth said...

hmm... well, its ok for u to call urself being self-absorbed la. :P its ur blog afterall & Im sure no one will blame u for behaving like that. :D jus remember to bring back more foto taken in BKK.
Cya sn!

Popthemusicdrug said...

haha why so free can still update blog.

why never go shopppiiiinnnng.

more pics pls LALA!

self absorbed is fine! i m sure ur blog readers like to see hehe

duncan said...

i miss u too OU XIANG !!! lol ..

come back fast !!! load up more pics !!!!!!
i wanna seeeeee!!!!

KareL KoeN said...

have a nice trip.. wah looks like ur readers love u and ur pics..

haha they are craving for it.

they wants it they wants it and u better give it to them.. lalalala

russ said...

rex>yeah happy belated bday too!two rexs having the same birthdays on e same mth!

kenneth>phew!good to hear that.haha.its nice to be back in singapore:)

ptmd>didnt buy as much as usual,but was fun nonetheless.

duncan>will update sn!!!

karel>sure will upload the pictures real soon:) just saw ur facebook msg:)

Anonymous said...

yeah u just saw,.. cool. yup juz wanna know thats all. hope u are doing alrite..


Kenneth said...

yeah.. having a shopping spree overseas is real great but our own bed in SG is still the best. :D

jeremy said...

AHH..u seem to be having alot of fun while im suffering =s just looking forward to someone spending my birthday with so lonely then..

russ said...

karel>everything's gd...hope things are great over ur side too.

kenneth>yeah miss e bed & my own smell.haha

jeremy>hey dont sound so sad eh....ur bday is coming..should be smiley and yea?