Thursday, July 24, 2008

Land of smiles


1- i received a nice pressie from peiru:)

wheeeee!i love peiru.

2- i will be going to bangkok in a few hours!
i can imagine coming back singapore with lotsa pictures,cheap vintage stuff and a few kg heavier(darn)

i must get my lazy arse to e gym once i'm back....for now,i am gonna stuff myself with lotsa yummy gooodies in bkk*slurrrrrrppppp*

my macbook will be with me so i'll try to update.plssss tell me i'll be missed.muacckkks!

land of smiles..... here i come!

grab a copy of zaobao today,there's another interview about e movie and do catch gd morning singapore(zao an ning hao)tmr,there will be a phone interview while i am in bkk.


Rex said...

yeah you will be miss ben~!?
update more bkk photo man~ I never step out from Malaysia and Singapore for 22 year so far~ so pity man /.\
enjoy your trip dude~ miao~

Anonymous said...

Hey, do take care and have a fun trip!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Take care!
Have fun!
Eat well!
And lastly, we will miss you! =)

duncan said...

hey , dx miu ..

have fun in bkk so envy ! lol

anyway u will sure be miss by ur readers & fans .. bring back lotsa of photo k !

Kenneth said...

enjoy ur shopping trip in BKK! :)
dun worry, u will be missed. haha

+*+Serena+*+ said...

My last trip to Bangkok was 12 years ago! MUAHAHAHA!

Miss ya to the core!

Anonymous said...

I believe Next Friday 1st August will be one of your Big day... cause u will on the big screen...

Best Regards,

jeremy said...

arghx..u travel again...and i dun hav any opportunity for that sort of luxury..well,see u soon..HAHA

Anonymous said...


remember to go bkk and party. route 66. damn fun!

have fun and come back with lots of pictures! =D


IVAN said...

Yeah! I caught your voice on Good Morning Singapore, together with Director Benny, Mike and Le Xuan.

Do I even need to articulate that I'm missing you?! Haha.. anyway looking forward to the premiere of ling wen. Seeya den! Take care. =))

Anonymous said...

Som Boon Seafood Restuarant! I suppose you know where is it?, or just ask around, they have quite a few outlets.. (: Have fun!

russ said...

rex>thanks rex...bkk is fun though,u will love it here!

anonymous>thanks thanks:)

waffle>thanks sweetie pie!:)

duncan>havent taken much pics yet.its difficult to find e stuff u wanted.

kenneth>thanks alot kenneth!i'll see u real soon right?

russ said...

serena>u should come bkk again then.its fun!

eric>yeah kinda,cus i havent watched e movie myself i am looking forward to what it will be like on e big screen and how the editing will be like....

jeremy>army will be over soon.i know i said that umpteen times but yeah bear with it alright?hugs!

vv>route 66 is a club?great to know that i am being missed.thanks vv

ivan>hey i miss u peeps too!i hope i dont sound very sleepy in the phone interview.haha.

anonymous>oh i just went som boon seafood yesterday.yes its yummy indeed!