Sunday, April 4, 2010


whats love?

how much does it cost...

overrated ?


tokyo_jem said...

Love of every sort is priceless, needless to say.
And true, lasting, mutual love is a rare treasure.
But I'm sure you'll find it!

Han said...

Love is a mutual feeling of being with someone that you adore ...
Are you in love or out of love with someone? or you are only loving your sneakers? must have spent a "bomb" on your sleek sneakers.
Dun think it is for me to remind you - save for rainy days and for your love too!

Anonymous said...

Luv don cost a thing.
Juz let luv lead the way~
n u'll be ok


Anonymous said...

everything has a price. so love has a price to pay. but sometimes, it's not just $$$ but feelings. you pay heartache/pain/sorrow for love. well, there are still quite some happy endings. (the thumb and index finger almost touching) yes, SOME!

so, are you game for LOVE!?

-cool bananas

tokyo_jem said...

You're getting a lot of birthday love on FB. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but, wow, the volume of it! Maybe not the type of love you were talking about here, but hey, it's pretty darn impressive.

All that well wishing can't hurt. Hope you're doing OK and that we'll hear from you soon. Meanwhile I wish I could just grab you and SQUEEEEEZE!

Han said...

itz your b/day? the party does not include us, your readers?