Friday, May 18, 2007

a peek @ my room

the ceiling light

my wall its by the projector below -u can hit it on e ceiling or anywhere u want

aint this mathmos projector light dope...

my bed

duncan(not in e mood for cam whoring)

jeremy(says no to paparazzi)

i m the best!cos i m always ready for the camera!haha

this entry speakes volumes of how apathetic i am feeling now.i m bored shitless outta bordom.....i decide to snap some pics of my room.i m in the 'i m a artistic photographer' mood,u know where ppl snaps some pics of a ugly weird looking flower,dead rat,old ppl,unfinished dinner etc and think that it is so artistic.i m in that kinda mood now. so,i was trying my utmost to find corners of my room that are not so skritchy.BUT u know a guy's room,its NEVER neat!its clean la.but jus very erm messy!haha

anw,most of u should know i painted my room black,changed sheets to black too.everything used to be white,even e wastepaper basket.but now..everything is all room is so dark that u prob need to come with pitch forks and torches to find me.right

ok.its not that bad.but its alot darker than before.check out the pics....not alot.but i dont wanna show so much.becuse 1-other corners are messy looking 2- i wnana have that mystery vibe.haha but dang,who wanna sees my room anw,unless u are planning to sleep with me right?:P

oh,i also had a haircut today.kinda like it.i know most of u would prob think my new hairstyle is somewat akin to e old one..but its ok,i know e difference and i heart it.period

oh met up with with my loves(3f) for dinner today too...jeremy,duncan,sherlyn.been awhile i last saw em,actually not that long.prob less than a week?but i miss u punk ass bitches loads!

this aint surposed to be a shitass long entry but it seems this way now.hmmm,actually.......e purpose of this entry is only to show off my new haircut!period.i purposely churn out lotsa bullshit cos it will be too self absorbed to jus like post a pic of pic myself no?

oh,this pic dont do the haircut justice.(its not even a pic i like)but its e only miserable pic i took today so i post it up anw.

night peeps


Kel said...

Wow... so nice the light.

duncan said...

hey dx miu , wanted to tell u that u look great in ur new hairdo .. so boy next door ..hahha ...

LPPL said...

i will think that i might have visited a famous gallery in Singapore.

jamie said...

cute!cant see the hairstyle but u look very cute in the pic.i like the bear on ur bed!

Anonymous said...


it give me an impact that i mus go to your room and take a look.


nice hairstyle man!


cx said...

invite me to ur room cutes!

Mooks said...

ur room is as nice as u sweets :)

Anonymous said...

looks like someone can be a photographer!

jo@nse@h said...

I like the blunt fringe. very cute.

Hey the bear also very cute.

u also very cute lei.

everyting about u is cute la. :D

duncan said...

dx miu .. i wan new post ! :D

wenya said...

ur room is nice! i also wan to decorate my room!