Thursday, May 17, 2007

sneakers fetish

Here we have a really nice English collaboration that Crooked Tongues reports about. Premium sneaker stores size? got together with Fred Perry on some sneakers and matching polo shirts. It is nice to see all the well executed Fred Perry collaboration projects.

Both the sneakers and the polo shirts come in black and white and feature on the shoes a lacelock with the size? logo and on the polos the size? logo is embroidered. The collection comes with orange accents, which is actually the size? color scheme. The sneakers are limited to 240 pairs and will be released of course exclusively at size?.


dp said...

this range of shoes are nice..nicer. =)

Anonymous said...

im amazed of ur knowledge for shoes ! coool !

russ said...

dp> yeah.very preppy

anonymous>oh well,u can always check it online.i mean i love shoes,shoes is sex.

Mooks said...

i like the white one. :)

duncan said...

nice collabo .. i need shoes , wher do u think i should get nice shoes like those ?

russ said...

mooks>its like my old pair actually
excpet is newer and cleaner

duncan>club street?blackjack?hk?